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Clifford Martin Will
Distinguished Professor of Physics

University of Florida


Black Holes, Waves of Gravity, and other Warped Ideas of Dr. Einstein
Audience: Adults
Description: Einstein's theories of relativity have had a major impact on everything from popular culture to everyday life to basic science. Songs, plays and movies proclaim Einstein as the symbol of genius, while users of GPS navigation devices unknowingly take account of Einstein's relativistic warpage of time. Two of the crazier ideas that come from Einstein's theories are Gravitational Waves and the Black Hole. Today, international teams of scientists have embarked on a quest to verify these ideas. Building and operating large-scale detectors on the ground, and designing space-based detectors for the future, they hope to detect and measure the waves, and to use those wave signals to reveal the hidden secrets of black holes.

Subject Areas: Physical Sciences
Space Sciences
Keywords: black holes
gravity waves
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Less than $500
Comments: Talk designed for the general public

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