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Clifford Martin Will
Distinguished Professor of Physics

University of Florida


The Search for Gravity Waves
Audience: High School
Description: During the coming decade, it is likely that a new form of astronomy will begin, called ``gravitational-wave astronomy''. General relativity predicts that moving matter produces gravitational radiation, and that the most intense sources of waves will be cosmic cataclysms such as the collapse of stars, or the collisions of black holes. In this lecture, we describe the nature and properties of gravitational waves, and the observations that already verify their existence. We will then discuss current efforts to operate a worldwide network of gravitational wave observatories with the sensitivity to detect and study these waves, and will describe the work of theorists to calculate, often using supercomputers, the properties of the waves as predicted by Einstein's theory.

Subject Areas: Physical Sciences
Keywords: black holes
gravity waves
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only

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