Begin Date End Date Title
08-01-2020 07-31-2025 Collaborative Research: Identifying and Investigating Pathways and Critical Junctures in Two-Year Information Technology Programs
01-15-2021 06-30-2025 Rural Resiliency Hubs: A Planning Approach to Addressing the Resiliency Divide
10-01-2021 03-31-2025 SCC-CIVIC-FA Track B: Rural Resiliency Hubs: An Integrated, Community-Centered Approach to Addressing the Resiliency Divide through Rural Public Libraries
08-01-2020 03-31-2025 iSmart for Disasters: Exploring Smart and Connected Disaster Planning for Small and Rural Libraries, a NLG Research in Service to Practice
08-28-2023 07-31-2024 Military Installation Resilience Review with Jacobs and ECRC
09-01-2017 08-31-2023 Assessing Educational Pathways for Manufacturing in Rural Communities: An Investigation of New and Existing Programs in Northwest Florida
01-01-2019 12-31-2020 Rural libraries and Disasters: Investigating Resiliency in the Digital Environment
05-15-2013 04-30-2018 Assessing Information Technology Educational Pathways that Promote
09-15-2010 08-31-2016 ICPALMS: A Portal for Standards-Based Instruction
07-01-2014 06-30-2015 I-Corps: Investigating The Viability of an Integrated Tool For Content Creation and Aggregation
04-01-2014 10-31-2014 Creating Rural Economic Development Opportunities Through Broadband Adoption
08-01-2013 07-31-2014 Web2MARC 2.0: Opening The Gate To Digital Learning
07-01-2009 03-31-2014 Digital Library to School Library (DL2SL): A Strategy for Open Content Integration In Schools
08-01-2008 03-31-2013 Leadership in Action (LIA): School Library Media Specialists for the 21st Century Leaders Educated to Make a Difference
05-27-2009 08-31-2010 Collaborative Research: DLConnect: Connecting Underserved Teachers and Students with NDSL Learning Resources and Tools


Burnette, Richard
Senior Vice Provost and Chief Strategy Officer
Info Use Mgmt & Policy Inst
Everhart, Nancy
Professor 9 Mo SAL
School of Information Admin
Horner, Mark
Professor 9 Mo SAL
Jones, Faye
Research Fac II 12Mo SAL
Info Use Mgmt & Policy Inst
Mc Laughlin, Casey -- INACTIVE EXPERT
Technology Specialist
Dean Coll of Information
McClure, Charles -- INACTIVE EXPERT
Professor 9 Mo SAL
Information Dept
Ozguven, Eren
Asoc Professor 9 Mo SAL
Civil & Environmental Engineer
Pickett, Scott
Asoc Professor 12 Mo SAL
Art Education
Piekalkiewicz, Ellen
Instructional Spec I 12 Mo SAL
Social Work Department
Randeree, Ebrahim
Instructional Spec II 9 Mo SAL
Dean College of Communication
Razzouk, Rabieh
Sr Research Associate 12Mo SAL
Learning Systems Institute
Smith, Dennis
Research Fac II 12Mo SAL
Urban & Regional Planning

Research Terms

Research Terms
Information Science


Information Use Management and Policy Institute
University: Florida State University
Director: Marcia Mardis
Address: College of Communication and Information
142 Collegiate Loop
PO Box 3062100
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2100
Phone: (850) 645-2200
Fax: (850) 644-4522
Type: Center or Institute – University (BOG numbered)

The mission of the Institute is to develop and implement applied research and policy studies that improve the quality, effectiveness, and productivity of individuals' and organizations' use and management of information resources and services. The Institute is especially interested in the social and behavioral aspects of the use and management of information and information technology.

Research Descriptors: Information Management
Information Technology
Library Science
Management Information Systems


Name: Marcia A. Mardis  
Title: Professor
University: Florida State University
College/School: College Of Comm & Inform
Home Department: School Of Information Admin