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Melissa L Johnson
Associate Director, Honors Program

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles

Kumar, S., Johnson, M. L., & Hardemon, T. (2013). Dissertations at a distance: Students' perceptions of online mentoring in an online doctoral program. Journal of Distance Education, 27(1). 

Johnson, M. L. (2013). Meeting the aims of honors in the online environment. The Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 14(1), 83-99.

Johnson, M.L., Podjed, S., & Taasan, S. (2013). Engaging honors students in purposeful planning through a concept mapping assignment. Honors in Practice, 9.

Johnson, M. L. (2012). Developing a student leadership retreat using instructional design techniques. Learning and Performance Quarterly, 1(2), 2-29.

Johnson, M.L., Plattner, A.S., & Hundley, L. (2011). Designing a collaborative blog about student success. Honors in Practice, 7, 53-60.

Behar-Horenstein, L.S., Garvan, C.W., Bowman, B., Bulosan, M., Hancock, S., Johnson, M., & Mutlu, B. (2011). Cognitive and learning styles as predictors of success on the National Board Dental Exam. Journal of Dental Education, 75(4), 532-541.

Behar-Horenstein, L.S. & Johnson, M.L. (2010, January/February). Enticing students to enter into undergraduate research: The instrumentality of an undergraduate course. Journal of College Science Teaching, 39(3), 62-70.

Johnson, M.L. (2009, Fall). Building community among honors freshmen through a philanthropy competition. The Journal of College Orientation and Transition, 17(1), 69-72.

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Johnson, M.L. (2009). The role of peer leaders in an honors freshman experience course. Honors in Practice, 5, 189-196.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Kumar, S. & Johnson, M. L. (2014). Research and dissertations: Challenges overcome by online doctoral students. In P. Lowenthal, C. York., and J. Richardson (Eds.) Online learning: Common misconceptions, benefits, and challenges (pp. 115-124). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. 

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Johnson, M. L. (2012, Spring). Integrating technology into peer leader responsibilities. In J. Keup (Ed.) New Directions for Higher Education, 157, 59-71.

Behar-Horenstein, L. S., Dix, A., Roberts, K., & Johnson, M. L. (2009). Undergraduate research experiences in the sciences. In I. M. Saleh and M. S. Kwine (Eds.) Fostering Scientific Habits of Mind: Pedagogical Knowledge and Best Practices in Science Education (pp. 265-300). Rotterdamn, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


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