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Device for Measuring the Acidity of Airborne Contaminants

Reduces Cost and Resources Necessary for Measuring Acidity

This device measures the acidity of airborne materials quickly and cost-efficiently, by using a distinct technique of colorimetry to respond to the change in acidity of filter samples. Unlike available products, there is no need for the traditional processing steps to attain the measurements with the pH method or ion chromatography technique. According to The World Health Organization, 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution, and 1.5 million of these deaths are attributable to indoor air pollution. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed this device that provides a cutting-edge solution to monitoring airborne contamination.



Device for measuring the acidity of airborne contaminants



  • Measures acidity without any solvent processing, greatly reducing cost and resources compared to traditional pH measurement or ion chromatography
  • Greatly reduces sampling time, providing more rapid results to expedite public awareness of environmental conditions
  • Requires no chemical processing of material, providing an environmentally safe product suitable for placement in various locations
  • Device has portable capabilities, increasing profit potential by allowing application in various fields and locations that may require monitoring of air quality


This particle acidity measurement device collects airborne matter on a filter impregnated with color indicators and uses colorimetry to respond to the change in acidity of filter samples. It monitors the resulting color change via reflectance UV-Visible spectrometry. This technique eliminates the water extraction process often used in conventional pH measurement. By requiring no workup process, it allows measurement of aerosol acidity in situ and on-line. The sampling time is drastically shorter than conventional pH measurement or ion chromatography.

Research Terms: Technology > Instruments
Engineering > Electronics > Photonics
Keywords: Acidity, Air, Airborne, Clean Tech, Colormetry, Environmental, Instrumentation, Metanil yellow, Particle Acidity, reflectance, Spectrometry, Spectroscopy, UV-Visible,;
Technology Inventors: Myoseon Jang
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University: University of Florida
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Associated Patents

Patent Name: Devices and methods for measuring the acidity of airborne matter using UV-visible spectrometry
Patent Number: US Patent 9,110,048
Patent Status: Issued
Issue Date: August 18, 2015
Patent Record: View full record at google patents
View full record at United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patent Inventors: Myoseon Jang

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