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Coastal Protection Using Integration of Mangroves with Floating Barge


As the global sea level rises, the action of waves increases the likelihood of extensive coastal erosion. Already, coastal erosion costs roughly $500 million per year for coastal property loss, including damage to structures and loss of land. Primary techniques used to protect coastlines include break walls, sand beach nourishment, or replenishment programs, but they have limited effectiveness.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University have developed a novel method for preventing coastal erosion that uses barges in varying configurations with planted mangroves along beaches. The barges break oncoming waves while allowing the mangroves to be planted and grown. Once the mangroves have adequately developed over several years, the barges can be moved to another area where the process is then repeated.

FAU is seeking partners to advance this technology into the marketplace through licensing or development partnerships.


  • Environmentally friendly method for preventing coastal erosion
  • Allows mangroves to grow and establish naturally
  • Easily set up and replaced once mangroves are established
  • Market Application

  • Environmental Protection
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Publications

    Coastal Protection Using Integration of Mangroves with Floating Barges: An Innovative Concept

    Research Terms: Engineering > Hydraulic Engineering > Coastal and Harbor Engineering
    Environmental Sciences > Environmental Management > Environmental Protection
    Technology Inventors: Madasamy Arockiasamy
    Rahul Raju
    Technology Information URL:
    University: Florida Atlantic University
    Tech Transfer URL:

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