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Laura Warner Applying audience segmentation to water conservation activities in the landscape: implications for educational programming
David Childers Behavior Managment from a Neurodevelopmental Perspective
Oge Marques Can you trust what you see? The magic of visual perception
Gert-Jan de Vreede Collaboration 101
Ardis Hanson Conceptualizing cultural literacy as a key concept when researching Caribbean cultural groups
Wajeeh Bajwa Conducting Safe and Effective Clinical Trials
Kevin Folta Contentious Issues Communication
Joseph Meert Evolution in the K-12 Curriculum. What's all the Fuss?
William Haley Facing the Challenges of Family Caregiving in an Aging Society
Thomas Brandon Helping Patients Quit Smoking During Pregnancy…and Beyond
Randall Cantrell Homeflow: How to Reduce Risk of Mortgage Foreclosure by Caring for the Home and Relationships in the Home
Steven Bressler How We Use Our Brains
Shannon Dick Impact of Educator Language on Pre-k Children’s Early School Readiness Skills
Ardis Hanson Implementation of the electronic health record: Comparison of U.S. and European policies
Oge Marques Leadership and Communication Skills for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Ronald Fisher Memory
Pradeep Bhide Neurobiological mechanisms and novel treatment options for neurodevelopmental disorders
Eric Storch Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Thomas Brandon Psychology of Smoking
Christine Mouton PULSE - A Crisis In Our Community
Thomas Brandon Smoking Cessation Interventions - State of the Art
Laura Warner Social marketing to encourage behavior change
Laura Warner Stages of Change
Suzanna Rose The Art of Negotiation for Women Faculty
Dean Falk The brain of Albert Einstein
Sari Izenwasser The opioid epidemic
David Childers The Top 10 Mistakes I've Made in ADHD Management (or 'what happens when I forget to take my Ritalin')
Alexei Volinsky Therapeutic fasting for weight loss, maintenance and overall human well-being
David Childers There is No More Autism. or, Welcome to the DSM-5.
Anita Anantharam Three Ways To Elevate Who You Are Through Your Daily To-Do List
Deborah Beidel Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and PTSD
Wajeeh Bajwa Understanding registration requirements for
Oge Marques Using games to solve challenging multimedia problems
Redwan Alqasemi Virtual Reality for Vocational Rehabilitation
Ardis Hanson Virtually Collaborative
John Licato Why do professionals make mistakes, and how can AI help?


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