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Dallas Snider A Knowledge Engineering, Team-based Approach to Introducing Security Assurance Cases
Dallas Snider A Process to Transfer Fail2ban Data to an Adaptive Enterprise Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
Dallas Snider A Tool Set for Managing Virtual Network Configurations
Redwan Alqasemi Assistive Robotics to assist persons with disabilities
Redwan Alqasemi Brain Computer (machine) interface
Oge Marques Can you trust what you see? The magic of visual perception
Dallas Snider Communicating Security Procedures, Threats and Mitigation Strategies
Dallas Snider Creating a Cost-Effective Air-to-Ground Network Simulation Environment
Jon Haass Cyber Security in the Board Room
Dallas Snider Dealing with Network Latency Issues and the Impact on SQL Server Performance
Dallas Snider Defining Cybersecurity Threats Across Organizational Boundaries
Dallas Snider Defining Threats across Organizational Boundaries
Sundararaj Iyengar Distributed Bayesian Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Event Region Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Razvan Teodorescu Efficient algorithms for statistical inference on graphs: from social networks to natural hazard management
Dallas Snider Feature Extraction for Data Mining in Fetal Magnetocardiogram Data
Michael Macedonia Future of Virtual Reality
John Licato Helping People Reason Better Through AI
Steven Bressler How We Use Our Brains
Oge Marques Image Processing and Computer Vision in iOS
Sundararaj Iyengar Impact of Science and Technology in the 21st Century
Oge Marques Leadership and Communication Skills for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Dallas Snider Moving Towards an Adaptive Enterprise Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
Dallas Snider Q and A: SQL Server Analysis Services
Oge Marques Practical Image Processing and Computer Vision Using MATLAB
Sundararaj Iyengar Sensor Driven Information Technology for the Next Decade
Dallas Snider Similarity Measures in Smart Building Electrical Demand Data
Dallas Snider Taking on your First SQL Server Business Intelligence Project
Dallas Snider The Internet of Things
Bilal Gonen Traversing Documents by Using Semantic Relationships
Oge Marques Using games to solve challenging multimedia problems
Laurie Taylor Virtual Bodies: Game Gender as Style and Structure
Redwan Alqasemi Virtual Reality for Vocational Rehabilitation
Oge Marques Visual information retrieval: advances, challenges and opportunities


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