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Kenneth Hanson "Get a Job, Ken!' One postdoc's journey on the academic job market.
Nathaniel von der Embse A Multi-Tiered Decision-Making Framework for Emotional and Behavioral Health
Patriann Smith A Transraciolinguistic Approach for Literacy Classrooms ft. Dr. Patriann Smith
Paul Ortiz African American History for the 21st Century
Nathaniel von der Embse Assessing and remediating academic and test anxieties
Michael Leslie Be Who You Really Are!
Thomas Champney Biomedical Uses of Melatonin: History, Hypotheses and Hyperbole
Nathaniel von der Embse Building a trauma-informed school mental health system of care
Alicia Bradigan-Betancourt Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, The Basics
Karthikeyan Umapathy Collaborative Community Engagement: Bringing Data Science to Societal Challenges
Alicia Bradigan-Betancourt Community Leadership in Sustainability
Erik Black Considering innovations in contemporary health sciences education.
Ann Shillingford Crazy & Brave: Experiences of Black Mothers
Lisa Dieker Creating Differentiation in inclusive classrooms using Current Strategies, Universal Design for Learning and Technology
Lisa Dieker Creating Inclusive schools and classrooms while embracing co-teaching and higher learning standards for all
Lisa Dieker Dancing the Dance by increasing student Engagement through technology and evidence-based practices with your co-teaching partner while high standards
Melissa Johnson Dare Greatly, High Achievers
Zhiyong Cheng Decoding Metabolic Derangement in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Ilaria Capua Disconnection of science from competence through populism
Melissa Johnson Engaging Prospective and Incoming Students via Social Media
Sarah Van Ingen Lauer Evidence-Based Practice in the Classroom
Joseph Meert Evolution in the K-12 Curriculum. What's all the Fuss?
Kathryn Hendry Growing Research through Internal Seed Grant Initiatives
Firdaus Dhabhar Harnessing Good Stress and Minimizing Bad Stress to Promote Health, Healing, and Well-Being
Firdaus Dhabhar Harnessing Good Stress and Minimizing Bad Stress to Promote Health, Healing, and Well-Being
Kyle Reed Hints and Advice on a Journey from Undergraduate to Professorship
William DeBolt History of the Florida Chautauqua
Anita Anantharam How Did They Get Their So Quickly? Why Soft Skills Matter On Your Quest To TheTop
Zhiyong Cheng How Lifestyle May Affect Metabolic Health -- An Epigenetic View
Sherif Sherif How to Prevent Frost and Ice Formation in Industrial Freezers
Shannon Dick Impact of Educator Language on Pre-k Children’s Early School Readiness Skills
Kathryn Stofer Improving your Agriscience Outreach and Public Engagement
Robert Hacker Innovation and entrepreneurship
Sarah Van Ingen Lauer Innovation in Teacher Education
Sherif Sherif Latest Advances in Energy Research and the Drive to Net-Zero Energy
Razvan Teodorescu Learning mathematics
Melissa Johnson Let's Get Digital
Steven Walczak Making Machines Smarter
William Cummings Male Student Success: The Higher Education Graduation Achievement Gap Challenge
Jonael Bosques-Mendez Managing Gastrointestinal Parasites in Small Ruminant Herds
Ann Shillingford Not so Incredible: Marginalization of Black Families
Ilaria Capua One Health @UF
William DeBolt Pensacola Tourists: Famous and Infamous
Elizabeth Elliott Presentations tailored to the client
Walter Leite Quasi-experimental program evaluation in educational research
Thomas Champney Research Ethics Presentations
Pamela Wisniewski Risk and Resilience: A Teen-centered Perspective on Teens and Technology Use
Curtis Taylor Secrets to Success
Erik Black Situational judgment testing in health sciences education
Jonael Bosques-Mendez Small Ruminant Basics
Kathryn Hendry Starting a Revolution Millennial's Advancing in Research Administration
Firdaus Dhabhar Stress and Cancer
Firdaus Dhabhar Stress and Postsurgical Recovery
Thomas Champney The Business of Bodies: Regulations and Ethics for Human Tissue Use
Thomas Champney The Willed Body Program in Florida: The Past and Present Use of Donors
Sherif Sherif Thermodynamics Made Simple
Sherif Sherif Towards a Hydrogen Economy: Review of Progress Made and a Future Vision
Richard Pollenz Transforming STEM Education and the Way We Teach
Austin Mast Try This at Home—Citizen Science Brings into Sharper Focus our Biodiversity Baseline
Melissa Johnson UF Honors Program Overview
Charles Withers Uncontrolled Air Flow Impacts In Residential and Small Commercial Buildings
Terri Daly Burns Understanding the Nature of Autism
Martin Tadlock University Leadership: Preserving the Essence of Democratic Education
Jason Haraldsen Unlocking the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials
Jason Haraldsen Unlocking the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials
Erik Black Using Adult Learning Principles to Create Effective Training for Public Health Professionals
Sarah Van Ingen Lauer Using Consultations to Improve Outcomes for Students with Exceptionalities
Ilaria Capua Viruses, Politics, and Fake News
Lisa Dieker What do effective schools and districts for students with disabilities look like with high learning outcomes: Voices and examples from the field?
Shahla Masood What Everyone Should Know About Breast Health
Sherif Sherif Wind Energy and the Hydrogen Economy
Elizabeth Cramer Working collaboratively to effectively instruct all learners


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