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Alfred Lewin Age Related Macular Degeneration: Current Treatments and Hope for the Future
William Haley Aging and Ageism: Mental Health Issues in the Wake of COVID-19
Thomas Champney Anatomical Wonders & Anatomical Blunders
Noam Alperin are CSF flow measurements by MRI useful?
Steven Walczak Artificial Neural Network Research in Healthcare/Epidemiology
Ka Wang Biomarkers for Neurological diseases
Lexie Holliday Bis-enoxacin: Development of a new drug for osteoporosis and bone cancer
Barbara Andraka-Christou Busting Myths about Medication Assisted Treatment
Oge Marques Can you trust what you see? The magic of visual perception
Norbert Wilke Cardiovascular MR and CT Imaging Prevention of Heart Disease and Cancer
Steven Walczak Clinical Decision Making with Neural Networks
Xingmin Sun Clostridium difficile infection: Understanding the host cell response, antibiotic resistance and designing novel approaches to blocking infection
Wajeeh Bajwa Conducting Safe and Effective Clinical Trials
Erik Black Considering innovations in contemporary health sciences education.
Emmanuel Thomas COVID-19: Everyone Wants to Know if they have been Infected and Protected
Rodney Guttmann Current trends in Dementia Research
Zhiyong Cheng Decoding Metabolic Derangement in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Steven Walczak Enhancing the Prediction of Perioperative Transfusion Utilization Using Artificial Neural Networks
William Haley Facing the Challenges of Family Caregiving in an Aging Society
Sonjia Kenya Harris Female Sexual Pleasure
Salvatore Lepore From Concept to Capsule: A Tour of the Prescription Drug Discovery Process
Vibhor Agrawal Functional Gait Biomechanics with Assistive Devices
Ronald Mandel Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease
Ronald Mandel Gene transfer in the central nervous system
Firdaus Dhabhar Harnessing Good Stress and Minimizing Bad Stress to Promote Health, Healing, and Well-Being
Firdaus Dhabhar Harnessing Good Stress and Minimizing Bad Stress to Promote Health, Healing, and Well-Being
Brian Harfe Healing a damaged disc: A cell-based approach.
Thomas Brandon Helping Patients Quit Smoking During Pregnancy…and Beyond
Eric Grieser History of cataract surgery and intraocular lenses
Kyle Reed Home-Based Rehabilitation for Gait Training Post-Stroke
Sylvain Dore How can dark chocolate and red wine be protective for your brain
Zhiyong Cheng How Lifestyle May Affect Metabolic Health -- An Epigenetic View
Alexei Volinsky Human rope worms
Ardis Hanson Implementation of the electronic health record: Comparison of U.S. and European policies
David Childers Introduction to ADHD
Eric Rosenberg Introduction to Clinical Quality Improvement
Paul Gader Introduction to Machine Learning
Carlos Rinaldi Introduction to Nanotechnology
Priya Sharma Introduction to Pediatric Genitourinary Radiology
Priya Sharma Introduction to Pediatric Genitourinary Radiology: Part Two
Eric Rosenberg Introduction to Preventing Medical Errors
Lei Jin Lung Immunity in Health and Diseases
Victor Schepkin Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at ultra-high magnetic fields
Thomas Mareci Measuring the structural connectivity in the human brain
Roland Staud Mechanisms of Pain in Patients with Fibromyalgia
Steven Walczak Medical Information Retrieval Agents
Thomas Champney Medical Marvels: How Specific Individuals Have Produced Long-lasting Impact on Medical Knowledge
Barbara Andraka-Christou Medication-Assisted Treatment: Fostering Stability & Attachment for Pregnant & Parenting Women in Recover
Robert Farese Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Gregory Schultz Molecular Regulation of Wound Healing - Bench to Bedside
Pradeep Bhide Neurobiological mechanisms and novel treatment options for neurodevelopmental disorders
Wajeeh Bajwa Nuts and Bolts of Good CLinical Practice (GCP)
Eric Storch Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Emmanuel Thomas Pandemics, Coronavirus & SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19
Robert Hauser Parkinson's Disease
Priya Sharma Pediatric Abdominopelvic Tumors
Priya Sharma Pediatric Renal Masses
David Merkler Radicals and Bifunctionality!
Thomas Champney Research Ethics Presentations
Alfred Lewin Research in Age Related Macular Degeneration: What it Means to You.
Alfred Lewin RNA Based Gene Therapy in a Mouse Model of Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa
Lexie Holliday Role of exosomes in regulating bone remodeling and their potential for diagnosing and treating bone disease.
Sonjia Kenya Harris Sex After Cancer
Erik Black Situational judgment testing in health sciences education
Thomas Brandon Smoking Cessation Interventions - State of the Art
Firdaus Dhabhar Stress and Cancer
Firdaus Dhabhar Stress and Postsurgical Recovery
David Rose Stroke Prevention & Treatment Methods
Sylvain Dore Stroke: Overview of some of the latest treatments and ongoing research
Eric Rosenberg Surgery in patients with chronic medical conditions
Thomas Champney The Business of Bodies: Regulations and Ethics for Human Tissue Use
Lyndsay Rhodes The History of Cancer
Sari Izenwasser The opioid epidemic
Noam Alperin The origin of the brain and the cerebral spinal fluid pulsation
Richard Bennett The role of PKR in myelodysplastic syndrome and AML
David Childers The Top 10 Mistakes I've Made in ADHD Management (or 'what happens when I forget to take my Ritalin')
Thomas Champney The Willed Body Program in Florida: The Past and Present Use of Donors
Alexei Volinsky Therapeutic fasting for weight loss, maintenance and overall human well-being
David Childers There is No More Autism. or, Welcome to the DSM-5.
Wajeeh Bajwa Understanding registration requirements for
Sonjia Kenya Harris Unprotected sex without getting HIV
Xingmin Sun updates on Clostridium difficile vaccine
Erik Black Using Adult Learning Principles to Create Effective Training for Public Health Professionals
Steven Walczak Using Artificial Intelligence and the Theory of Human Caring to Optimmize the Scheduling and Assignment of Nurses
Eric Rosenberg What do healthy adults need (from doctors) to stay healthy?
Joseph Larkin What does autoimmunity mean?
Lyndsay Rhodes What everyone needs to know about the biology of cancer
Shahla Masood What Everyone Should Know About Breast Health
John Licato Why do professionals make mistakes, and how can AI help?
Lexie Holliday You might want to be a scientist
Lexie Holliday You might want to be a scientist


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