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Speaker Presentation
Roberto Pereira Ant Biology & Control
Thomas Potts Aquarius Reef Base - Living and Working Beneath the Sea
Roberto Pereira Bed Bug - Biology and Control
Krishnaswamy Jayachandran Biological Control of Invasive Plants
Lynn Martin Biology of invasive animals
Thomas Champney Biomedical Uses of Melatonin: History, Hypotheses and Hyperbole
David Merkler Cellular Communication: Novel Endocannabinoid-like Lipids, Fruit Flies and Other Insects, N-Acyltransferases, and Subtraction Lipidomics
Andrew Zimmerman Climate Change: Evidence and Uncertainties
Xingmin Sun Clostridium difficile infection: Understanding the host cell response, antibiotic resistance and designing novel approaches to blocking infection
Daniel Britt Economics and Exploration: A Bit of Historical Perspective on the New Age of Exploration
Robert Tykot Elemental Analysis of Metals, Ceramics, Obsidian and other Materials
Brian Harfe Formation of a vertebrate limb.
Richard Pollenz Genetic Engineering and The Future of Science
Brian Harfe Healing a damaged disc: A cell-based approach.
Razvan Teodorescu Learning mathematics
Sesha Srinivasan Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
Thomas Champney Research Ethics Presentations
Neil Charness Successful Longevity: What is it and what is FSU's Role?
Roberto Pereira Termite Biology & Control
Dean Falk The brain of Albert Einstein
Mark Hostetler The Green Leap: How to Build Urban Communities and Conserve Biodiversity
Alexei Volinsky Therapeutic fasting for weight loss, maintenance and overall human well-being
Richard Pollenz Transforming STEM Education and the Way We Teach
Kenneth Schepler Transition-Metal Solid-State Lasers
Jeanette Wyneken Where are the Turtles?


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