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Thomas Champney Anatomical Wonders & Anatomical Blunders
Roberto Pereira Ant Biology & Control
Thomas Potts Aquarius Reef Base - Living and Working Beneath the Sea
Roberto Pereira Bed Bug - Biology and Control
Krishnaswamy Jayachandran Biological Control of Invasive Plants
Lynn Martin Biology of invasive animals
Thomas Champney Biomedical Uses of Melatonin: History, Hypotheses and Hyperbole
David Merkler Cellular Communication: Novel Endocannabinoid-like Lipids, Fruit Flies and Other Insects, N-Acyltransferases, and Subtraction Lipidomics
Andrew Zimmerman Climate Change: Evidence and Uncertainties
Xingmin Sun Clostridium difficile infection: Understanding the host cell response, antibiotic resistance and designing novel approaches to blocking infection
Daniel Britt Economics and Exploration: A Bit of Historical Perspective on the New Age of Exploration
Robert Tykot Elemental Analysis of Metals, Ceramics, Obsidian and other Materials
Brian Harfe Formation of a vertebrate limb.
Richard Pollenz Genetic Engineering and The Future of Science
Brian Harfe Healing a damaged disc: A cell-based approach.
Razvan Teodorescu Learning mathematics
Thomas Champney Medical Marvels: How Specific Individuals Have Produced Long-lasting Impact on Medical Knowledge
Sesha Srinivasan Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
Thomas Champney Research Ethics Presentations
Neil Charness Successful Longevity: What is it and what is FSU's Role?
Roberto Pereira Termite Biology & Control
Edward Gonzalez-Tennant The Archaeology of Disaster: How Researching the Past Prepares Us for the Future
Dean Falk The brain of Albert Einstein
Mark Hostetler The Green Leap: How to Build Urban Communities and Conserve Biodiversity
Marc Baarmand The quest for understanding the nature of existence from ancient to modern times.
Alexei Volinsky Therapeutic fasting for weight loss, maintenance and overall human well-being
Richard Pollenz Transforming STEM Education and the Way We Teach
Kenneth Schepler Transition-Metal Solid-State Lasers
Jeanette Wyneken Where are the Turtles?


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