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Simon Foo Advances in Polymer and Multijunction Solar Cells
Thomas Potts Aquarius Reef Base - Living and Working Beneath the Sea
Clifford Will Black Holes, Waves of Gravity, and other Warped Ideas of Dr. Einstein
Nico Cappelluti Black Holes: gravity at its maximum
Mykhailo Shatruk Cooling with Magnets: Reinventing Your Refrigerator to Save the Planet
Joann Mossa Extreme Floods and their Legacy on the Landscape
Sherif Sherif Fog and Ice Fog
Salvatore Lepore From Concept to Capsule: A Tour of the Prescription Drug Discovery Process
Andrew Dickerson From Mosquitoes and Dogs, to an Orange: Scientific Inspiration in the Mechanics of ‘Everyday’ Natural Systems
Michael Fauerbach From the Big Bang to the God Particle
Vibhor Agrawal Functional Gait Biomechanics with Assistive Devices
Sherif Sherif How to Prevent Frost and Ice Formation in Industrial Freezers
Razvan Teodorescu Learning mathematics
Thomas Mareci Measuring the structural connectivity in the human brain
Nico Cappelluti Meteor Showers
Daniel Britt Orbits and Ice Ages: The History of Climate
Kenneth Hanson Pushing the efficiency limits of solar cells with photon upconverison
Sesha Srinivasan Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
Daniel Britt The Future of Oil
Michael Fauerbach The Hubble Space Telescope
Marc Baarmand The King of Fermions and the Fate of the Universe
Nico Cappelluti The mistery of Dark Matter
Michael Fauerbach The Mysteries of Mars
Clifford Will The Search for Black Holes
Clifford Will The Search for Gravity Waves
Sherif Sherif Thermodynamics Made Simple
Kenneth Schepler Transition-Metal Solid-State Lasers
Jason Haraldsen Understanding the evolution of the spin dynamics in multiple sublattice systems
Jason Haraldsen Unlocking the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials
Jason Haraldsen Unlocking the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials
Clifford Will Was Einstein Right?


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