Florida ExpertNet is a free statewide portal of research expertise profiles across Florida's universities. With one quick search users can identify relevant:

  • faculty experts (principal/co-investigators) and their funded research
  • centers and institutes
  • technology licensing opportunities
  • speakers

Florida ExpertNet is produced and made available through the Clearinghouse for Applied Research.

Research profile systems have emerged as a key economic development tool worldwide. Florida ExpertNet has been a leader in this area since its founding in 1999.

  • Free, robust searching
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Filtered content through custom expertise tags, institution, etc.
  • Directories (expert profiles, funded research, technologies, speakers)
  • Research areas, projects, publications, videos, presentations
  • Business/industry sector tags


Florida ExpertNet connects business, industry, government, and the public with expertise and resources across Florida's universities in order to foster collaborations, create opportunities, and promote economic development for communities in Florida and around the world.


  • Consolidate information from multiple universities into a powerful, centralized web portal
  • Provide value-added information
  • Deliver relevant and up-to-date information
  • Create opportunities for multi-university collaboration
  • Facilitate community-building, recruitment, and industry outreach
  • Promote university-based research activities and opportunities through social media and other marketing strategies
  • Create specialized tools and sites to respond to high-priority areas


For universities

  • Connects the public, business, and induustry with their faculty expertise ad resources
  • Advertises thei unique research strengths
  • Facilitates collaboration with other universities in competing for external funding
  • Facilitates cooperation and sharing among researchers
  • Maximizes use of existing resources
  • Provides additional marketing avenues

For faculty

  • Allows them to create and easily maintain a comprehensive research profile
  • Connects them with other researchers to build multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Facilitates sharing and cooperation among researchers
  • Makes it easier to find and participate in communities of mutual interest
  • Raises visibility of leading-edge research, inventions, and discoveries
  • Offers free access to a powerful centralized database of research in Florida

For government, business and industry

  • Provides free access to a powerful centralized database of research and resources in Florida
  • Offers access to leading-edge research, inventions, and discoveries
  • Identifies opportunities to engage with universities through collaborative research, consultancy, and technology licensing
  • Identifies targeted interest areas and strengths of researchers and universities
  • Facilitates discovery of technologies that are ready for licensing and commercialization

Target Audience

Content Areas

ExpertNet information is organized into the following integrated modules:


Experts includes thousands of current faculty PIs (Principal Investigators) who have demonstrated expertise and the ability to work with government agencies and private-sector groups through funded research. The search interface lets users quickly find the expert they are looking for by university, keyword, research descriptor, and other parameters.


The Projects directory provides information about current Experts (Principal Investigators) and their funded research. The purpose of the directory is to provide users with additional information about the level of faculty expertise within a given field. The data are not a comprehensive listing of all funded projects and should not be used as such. The interface helps users search for funded projects through a variety of search methods and criteria. Search results facilitate sorting by project title, sponsor, university, and begin and end date.


Florida's universities are armed with over 500 centers and institutes that conduct leading-edge research and provide services via contracts to external organizations. ExpertNet users can discover centers and institutes in every field by entering keywords or phrases or by browsing by discipline. Information on the Centers and Institutes is updated annually.


The Speakers Bureau is a directory of Expert speakers and their presentations covering a wide variety of topics. Speakers are available to schools, colleges, community and professional organizations, and businesses. Presentations may be either for a fee or at no charge, as indicated.

Technology Licensing

Florida's university inventors are making new discoveries that have the potential to change the lives of people around the globe. These technologies are available for licensing to business and industry. Florida ExpertNet provides a one-stop shop for identifying these leading-edge technologies available for licensing. Users can search them by keyword, phrase, university, title, inventor, and research terms.

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