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Florida ExpertNet is a statewide portal of applied research expertise in Florida's universities. With one quick search users can identify relevant:

  • experts (principal investigators)
  • funded research projects
  • centers and institutes
  • technology licensing opportunities
  • speakers
  • instructional programs

Florida ExpertNet was established in 1999 and is operated by the Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) at The Florida State University.


The vision for Florida ExpertNet is to assist in transforming Florida's intellectual capital into its economic future.


The mission of Florida ExpertNet is to connect business, industry, and government with resources and expertise across Florida's universities in order to foster economic opportunities.


  • Promote university-based research activities and opportunities
  • Provide access to a unified knowledge base of applied research expertise within Florida's universities
  • Create opportunities for collaboration
  • Facilitate community-building based on research interests
  • Provide value-added information
  • Deliver relevant and up-to-date information


For institutions

  • Promotes Florida-based expertise and resources to the public sector, business, and industry
  • Advertises special research strengths of each university
  • Facilitates partnering among universities for funding opportunities
  • Facilitates cooperation and sharing among researchers
  • Reduces or eliminates redundancy of resource development by sharing applications
  • Provides additional advertising and marketing avenues

For end users

  • Assists business, industry, and government in identifying, contacting, and using expertise and resources across Florida's universities
  • Provides customized data delivery through the use of content filters
  • Provides a unified knowledge base of State University System applied research
  • Eliminates institutional silos, creating a seamless interface for users
  • Facilitates cooperation and sharing among researchers
  • Encourages collaboration among universities, industry, and government
  • Creates communities of mutual interest within and among universities
  • Identifies in-depth strengths of researchers and research units
  • Promotes licensing, commercialization, and contracting
  • Showcases leading-edge research capabilities

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