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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Florida ExpertNet?

Florida ExpertNet is a statewide portal of applied research expertise in Florida's universities. Florida ExpertNet is designed to provide quick and easy access to university-based resources and expertise to assist in practical solutions for business, industry, and government.

Produced and made available through the Clearinghouse for Applied Research, ExpertNet makes it easier and faster for users to reach major groups of faculty in specialized fields in any of Florida's universities. A fully interactive site, ExpertNet provides:

  • Search - Provides various options for finding content by offering the following: the ability to perform a multi-search (across the entire database of resources); or to search just for experts, speakers, projects, centers/institutes, licensing opportunities or instructional programs.
  • Browse By Institution - find content based on university location and geographic area.
  • Browse by Discipline - discover content by discipline and/or sub-disciplines.

Who is Florida ExpertNet's target audience?

Florida ExpertNet is designed to attract the following audience groups at the local, state, national, and international levels:

  • Business and industry
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community-based organizations

What institutions are currently participating in ExpertNet?

The following institutions are actively participating in ExpertNet by providing their funded research information on a regular basis:

How can a user benefit from using Florida ExpertNet?

Have you ever needed to locate just the right person or the right institution to help with your problem? What did you do? You may have searched several university web sites, called faculty or sent out Requests for Proposals (RFPs). By using ExpertNet you gain access to an easy search mechanism for identifying expertise and resources across Florida's universities simultaneously.

How is information organized within Florida ExpertNet?

ExpertNet information is organized into the following integrated modules:

  • Experts (principal investigators)
    Provides information about individual faculty members who have demonstrated expertise and the ability to work with government agencies and private-sector groups through funded research
  • Funded Projects
    Provides information on externally funded projects and includes the title of the project, sponsoring agency, principal investigator, university, department, begin date, end date, and funding amount.
  • Centers/Institutes
     Florida 's public universities support over 500 centers and institutes that conduct research and provide services to external organizations primarily via contracts and grants. Florida ExpertNet provides easy access to information about university based centers and institutes including contact information, mission, staff, and areas of research and expertise.
  • Commercial Licensing Opportunities
    Florida ExpertNet provides a one-stop shop for identifying university-based licensing opportunities to support the commercialization of new technologies by the private sector. The ability to search across all available information, simultaneously, provides quick and efficient access to technology information and associated patents.
    Each record contains core intellectual property information, and if available, information related to associated patents. Where available, patent status is indicated, and a link to either the technology or the patent record is provided.
  • Speakers Bureau
    The speaker's bureau is designed to provide presentations on a variety of topics. Information on both the speaker and the presentation is provided. You may access the speaker's name, institution, address, phone, e-mail, biography, web address, and ExpertNet profile, as well as a presentation overview. The overview includes the title of the presentation, a description, subject areas, keywords, length of the presentation, fee, comments, and a suggested target audience.

What is Leading Edge?

Leading Edge is a section of ExpertNet devoted to high priority areas of research in Florida's universities. Each research area features cutting-edge research centers and institutes, incubators, and key associates, partners and affiliates.

What if I don't have time to search Florida ExpertNet?

The Clearinghouse offers a customized search service. You can request search assistance from Clearinghouse staff by completing a search request form or contacting us via our toll free line (800) 428-1194. The Clearinghouse will do a search and e-mail the results within 3 working days.

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