What is the Florida ExpertNet?

Florida ExpertNet is a free searchable database of faculty research profiles and resources spanning all disciplines at 12 universities. It also contains profiles of more than 500 centers and institutes and thousands of technologies available for licensing. With one quick search users can identify relevant:

  • faculty experts (principal/co-investigators) and their funded research
  • centers and institutes
  • technology licensing opportunities
  • speakers

Florida ExpertNet is produced and made available through the Clearinghouse for Applied Research.

Who can access MyExpertNet?

Experts and center directors use the MyExpertNet backend to update their content.

Who has profiles in ExpertNet?

The following profiles are included:

  • Faculty with funded research in the last 5 years
  • Centers and institutes and their directors
  • Technologies available for licensing
  • University partners

What are the icons located under the expert profile name?

The icons are badges that represent roles, affiliations, or honors. Badges are located in expert profiles under the faculty name.
The badge icon legend is provided below:

Icon Name
Center/institute/lab Director
Funded Project

What is the Co-investigator network?

This network is made up of the co-principal investigators (within the same institution) that this expert has collaborated with on a funded project.

What is the source of the content?

The information within ExpertNet comes from research offices at our partnering institutions. The following institutions are active partners and provide content on a regular basis:

How frequently is content updated?

Researchers and universities may update their content at any time. Automated updates occur as follows:

  • Experts and grant awards: Most content is updated monthly; however, some institutions provide data quarterly or bi-annually.
  • Technologies: Monthly
  • Research in Action stories: Weekly
  • Centers/institutes: Annually

How are topics for Research in Action stories selected?

Research in Action stories feature funded research that is being promoted via each university's social media channels. Selected stories represent a wide range of disciplines and reflect the research strengths of each institution.

What taxonomy or thesaurus do you use for your research terms?

ExpertNet uses a controlled research taxonomy to index tag content. ExpertNet staff initially assign:

  • Faculty experts and their projects at least one research term based on their college/school/department. Faculty can add or revise terms using the MyExpertNet tool at any time.
  • Technologies are indexed using university assigned terms and translating those using the thesaurus.
  • Centers are assigned research terms and keywords based on their mission statements.

I don't see the research terms I need?

Please submit your suggested additions to the taxonomy by using the Contact Us form. You can also add terms to the keywords field.

What is the methodology for inclusion of faculty members, departments, and grants that appear when clicking on the COVID-19 link?

Researchers must meet one of the following criteria to appear on the COVID-19 page:

  • Received funding for COVID-19 research
  • Completed a COVID-19 profile
  • Employed in public health

Who should I contact with questions, updates, or concerns?

We are happy to assist you. You can use the Contact Us form or call or email us directly.

(850) 645-0830
Toll Free:
(800) 428-1194

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