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Steven Dunn Munger
Professor, Vice Chair and Director

University of Florida



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Center for Smell and Taste
University: University of Florida
Director: Steven Munger
Address: PO Box 100127
Gainesville, FL 32610-0127
Phone: (352) 294-5360
Fax: (352) 294-5365
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: The University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste was established October 1, 1998 to provide a forum to coordinate and promote basic and applied research and education in the chemical senses at the University of Florida. The chemical senses is a recognized field of academic endeavor that inherently encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and transcends traditional academic boundaries, making fostering research and training in the chemical senses an especially appropriate mission for a Center. The Center presently integrates the activities of over 50 faculty together with their postdoctoral associates and graduate students from over 20 different departments spanning 6 different Colleges, IFAS, the Whitney Laboratory, the USDA and the VA. Through integrating the broad expertise at the University of Florida relevant to chemical senses research, the Center is positioned to make a unique contribution to the field, the University, Florida’s citrus industry (citrus-derived chemicals are the major source of revenue for the flavor and fragrance industry), and the health of Florida’s citizens.
Research Descriptors: Genetics
Sensory System

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