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Stephen W Hodge
Research Associate

Florida State University



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Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC)
University: Florida State University
Director: Stephen Hodge
Address: Room C6140 UCC,
296 Champions Way,
P.O. Box 3062641
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2641
Phone: (850) 644-2007
Fax: (850) 644-7360
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: FREAC provides support to other university centers and departments as well as conducting its own research activities. Staff members, skilled in cartography, geographic information systems, multimedia programming, web design, and desktop publishing are utilized to complete projects dealing with resource management, environmental analysis, data analysis and formatting, and providing technical support to other university researchers. The Center maintains a large inventory of digital data that is available to government agencies and the private sector.
Research Descriptors: Environmental Assessment
Environmental Management
Environmental Planning
Geographic Information Systems

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