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Center for Music of the Americas
University: Florida State University
Director: Denise R Von Glahn Dr.
Address: College of Music
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1180
Phone: (850) 644-3721
Fax: (850) 644-2033
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: The Center for Music of the Americas promotes the scholarship, performance, and dissemination of musics found in the American hemisphere. It facilitates initiatives within the College of Music, across the university, and throughout the North Florida community. The Center's purpose is in part to facilitate the study of music through scholarly research. Although the Center's role within the College of Music is not confined to any specific area, its aims align closely with the primary objectives of both the Musicology program and the Multi-cultural Music Education curriculum.
Research Descriptors: Cultural Studies
Performing Arts

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