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Matthew Bryant Howren
Associate Professor

Florida State University



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Florida Blue Center for Rural Health Research and Policy
University: Florida State University
Director: Matthew Howren
Address: Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
Rm 3210-R
College of Medicine
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4300
Phone: 644-3454
Fax: 645-2859
Type: University Institute or Center

The Center is dedicated to the advancement of quality health care services and research in Florida's rural areas. It focuses on the unique challenges facing this state's rural health care providers (including insurers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and emergency service personnel) and residents. The delivery of quality, patient-centered health care services to rural populations is stressed. The Center works to develop quality rural health programs on a number of fronts including policy, education, research, and service. Collaboration with other Schools and Colleges at FSU (such as Nursing, Information Sciences, and Education) and other community, state, and national stakeholders in rural health is an ongoing priority.

Research Descriptors: Health Care
Health Services
Rural Studies

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