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Center on Global Health
University: Florida State University
Director: Daniel J Van Durme MD
Address: FSU College of Medicine
1115 West Call Street, Suite 3210-C
Tallahassee, FL 323064300
Phone: (850) 645-1539
Fax: (850) 645-2859
Type: University Institute or Center

The Center on Global Health will advance the mission of the FSU College of Medicine by supporting, promoting, and facilitating global health research, policy implementation, education, and training through collaboration between the FSU COM and the U.S. and global health partners.

Emphasizing a practice-based education with on-the-ground experience, our Center focuses on teaching skills that will assist in the reduction of disease and inequity in underserved countries. In the past, our faculty participants and students have traveled to Ghana and Kazakhstan, and are currently working in Nicaragua during various times throughout the year.

Research Descriptors: Health
Infectious Diseases

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