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Criminal Justice Center
University: University of Florida
Director: Monique Haughton-Worrell
Address: Bruton Geer Hall, 351 Village Drive
Gainesville, FL 32611-7626
Phone: 352-273-0971
Fax: 352-846-1027
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: The mission of the Criminal Justice Center is to provide specialized training in an effort to produce excellence in advocacy and scholarship in Criminal Law. An effective criminal justice system is a fundamental component of a just and prosperous civilization. Our nation has an elaborate system of laws and procedures designed to protect the accused, punish offenders and preserve the peace. One of the primary goals of our Criminal Justice Center is to enhance the law school experience by providing students with academic advising, mentorship, area-specific education, and detailed criminal-practice training. In particular, the Center's Criminal Justice Certificate Program provides students who are interested in criminal law--either as an area of academic study or as one of future practice, or both--with a unique opportunity to obtain and demonstrate special competency in the field. The Center offers a rich and coordinated curriculum, clinic programs, independent studies, externships, networking opportunities, and the chance to participate in the Criminal Law Association.
Research Descriptors: Civil Justice System
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Legal Education

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