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Nancy M Clark
Associate Professor

University of Florida



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Center for Hydro-Generated Urbanism
University: University of Florida
Director: Nancy Clark
Address: 1480 Inner Road POB 115702 Room 23lc
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 3522941472
Fax: 3523924606
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: The Center proposes new paradigms for the evolution of water-based settlements. From retrofitting the metropolis to envisioning future development on the water, we advocate a reconsideration of fluvial and coastal urbanism and a recalibration of our settlement patterns in the context of climate variability; sea level rise and flooding; water, waste, and energy management; global economic shifts; post-industrial legacies; environmental migration and population growth within a rapidly urbanizing world. The Center develops interdisciplinary research and proposes collaborative programs,symposia, and academic courses bringing global involvement in prospective studies on adaptation, environmental justice, and asset preservation of water borne cities around the world. The Center cooperates with academic institutions, governmental agencies, and local stakeholders at national and international levels.
Research Descriptors: Climate Dynamics and Climate Change
Global Environmental Change
Urban Development
Urban Planning
Water Resources

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