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Eren Erman Ozguven
Associate Professor

Florida State University



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Center for Resilient Infrastructure and Disaster Response
University: Florida State University
Director: Eren Ozguven
Address: FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tallahassee, 32306
Phone: (850) 410-6146
Type: University Institute or Center

RIDER promotes all-inclusive and equitable disaster resilience for vulnerable populations and probes the underlying causes of disaster vulnerability in communities. This is done while accounting for infrastructure characteristics and social needs. Their significance is assessed through various computational methods such as machine learning, causality, and regression models. These goals are critical since the associated risks are heterogeneous across population groups and space dependent on the available network, infrastructure, land use, and other localized conditions.

RIDER’s vision focuses on implementing living laboratories in real-life urban and rural communities and settings, grounded in the scientific exploration of the complex and nonlinear interactions among systems. The key insight underlying this vision is the transformative discoveries through the co-production of solutions with community leaders, residents, government, industry, and researchers. Our unique multidisciplinary approach, along with the close involvement of these stakeholders, will result in new research insights and policy instruments. As our overarching strategy, we seek to become a nationally and globally recognized center of resilience for disasters.

Research Descriptors: Climate Dynamics and Climate Change
Disaster Preparedness
Natural Hazards and Disasters

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