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Graham Worthy

University of Central Florida



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National Center for Integrated Coastal Research
University: University of Central Florida
Director: Graham Worthy
Address: UCF Coastal
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-2000
Type: National

The National Center for Integrated Coastal Research (UCF Coastal) integrates science with societal needs to find solutions. Our team of interdisciplinary researchers and scientists is committed to an evidence-based, whole-community approach to increase the resiliency and sustainability of coastal communities by bringing together biologists, chemists, engineers, emergency managers, sociologists, political scientists, medical researchers, economists and urban planners. Responsible management of Florida’s exceptional coastal resources and ocean-based economy depends on innovative scientific research to address complex environmental, economic and social challenges. UCF Coastal’s goal is to link the ecological security of coastal ecosystems with the economic security of coastal communities, ensuring the sustainability of our coastlines and economy for generations to come.

Research Descriptors: Coastal and Harbor Engineering
Coastal Ecosystems

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