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Lisa Dieker

University of Central Florida



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Center for Research in Education Simulation Technology (CREST)
University: University of Central Florida
Director: Lisa Dieker
Address: College of Community Innovation and Education
12494 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-3885
Type: University Institute or Center

CREST provides an integrated structure that allows the use of UCF-developed technologies and paradigms for educational experiences to expand to include a broad range of societally relevant applications. The purpose of the center is to:

  • Provide resources (people, software and processes) to researchers from diverse disciplines to employ simulated technological experiences in a broad range of domains.
  • Promote, create, disseminate and apply research findings from simulated technology to problems important to society.
  • Incorporate innovations in simulated technologies into professional and administrative practices.
Research Descriptors: Computer Simulation and Modeling

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