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Environmental Cooperative Sciences Center (ECSC)
University: Florida A&M University
Director:  Dr. Michael Abazinge
Address: 1515 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Tallahasse, FL 32307
Phone:  8505993521
Type: University Institute or Center

The ECSC has four primary and interrelated goals:

  •  Increase the number of scientists, particularly from under-represented minority groups in the environmental, coastal and oceanic sciences;
  •  Enhance the scientific understanding of human interactions with the coastal environment in support of NOAA’s place-based management;
  •  Improve the scientific basis for coastal resource management by developing tools and research products to characterize, evaluate, and forecast coastal and marine ecosystem responses to natural and human induced stressors;
  •  Facilitate community education and outreach relating to the function and significance of coastal ecosystems.
Research Descriptors: Coastal Ecosystems
Environmental Sciences

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