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Brij Mohan Moudgil

University of Florida



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Center for Nano-Bio Sensors
University: University of Florida
Director: Brij Moudgil
Address: 205E Particle Science and Technology, PO Box 116135
Gainesillve, FL 32611
Phone: (352) 846-1194 x 225
Type: University Institute or Center

The University of Florida Center for Nano-Bio Sensors (CNBS) synergistically integrates the strengths of the participating UF colleges, Santa Fe Community College and Sandia National Laboratories to develop and commercialize advanced and innovative biocompatible technologies in nano-medical diagnostics and therapies. In reaching its Vision, CNBS will:

Develop nanotechnology based sensors, by controlling the interactions between nanoengineered materials and biological systems for:
Early disease diagnosis
Detection of chemicals and biohazards
Ensure products & devices environmental / health safety through toxicological evaluations
Train a workforce at all levels to contribute to the sensor product development and commercialization industry in Florida.
Facilitate dedicated entrepreneurship to the Nano-Bio technology in Florida

Research Descriptors: Nanotechnology

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