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Sudeep Sarkar
Professor and Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation

University of South Florida



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Professional Presentations

Presentation Title Event Title Organization
Invited Speaker Biometrics, Identity & Security (BIdS) Research Showcase, Biometics Consortium Conference Biometics Consortium
Invited Speaker Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics Uppsala University, Sweden
Invited Speaker The Research University as Economic Development Agency Senior Leadership Institute
Computer Vision Algorithms for Sign Language Recognition (Invited Speaker) SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, Brazil Brazilian Computer Society (SBC)
Segmentation-robust representations, matching, modeling for sign language recognition (Invited Speaker) CVPR 2011 Workshop on Gesture Recognition IEEE-CS
Vision-based Biometrics Invited Talk Old Dominion University
Issues on Sign Language Recognition Invited Talk University of South Carolina
Human Computer Communication using Sign Language IEEE-CS Distinguished Speaker Talk University of Louisville, Kentucky
Gait Recognition: I know you from the way you walk. IEEE-CS Distinguished Speaker Talk IEEE Rochester NY Section’s Joint Chapters Meeting
Human Computer Communication using Sign Language IEEE-CS Distinguished Speaker Talk Rochester Institute of Technology
Perceptual Organization: The search for structure and organization in images Invited Talk Kodak Research Labs
Human Computer Communication using Sign Language Keynote Speaker Mohawk Valley Technology Symposium at the State University of New York Institute of Technology
Inverse Biometrics: From Scores to Templates Invited Talk IEEE International Conference on Biometrics, Identity & Security (BIdS), Biometrics Consortium Conference and Technology Expo,
Moving Vision for Human Computer Interaction Forward Keynote Speaker IEEE Workshop on Vision for Human Computer Interaction (V4HCI)
Learning Perceptual Organization Keynote Lecture Workshop on Early Cognitive Vision, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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