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William G Nicoll

Florida Atlantic University



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Professional Presentations

Presentation Title Event Title Organization
Resilience-focused brief counseling and therapy: Transcending the pathology paradigms of DSM/ICD Professional Learning Institute European Branch - Am Counseling Assoc
Resilience focused counseling and Individual Psychology Theory Public Lecture Series - 3 evenings University of Malta, Msida, Malta; Faculty of Social Wellbeing
1. Transcending traditional paradigms: Toward a Copernican shift in education, 2. Social-Emotional learning and the curriculum, 3. Bullying & Social Aggression: What works, what doesn’t and,, 4. Revisiting the Special Education/ESE Paradigm. Oct. 2011. Tri-Association Annual Teachers Conference Tri Association of International schools: Columbia, Central America & Caribbean
Rethinking Child & Adolescent Disorders: An alternative paradigm for psychotherapeutic assessment & intervention Professional Training Seminar Greek Society of Adlerian Psychology - Athens, Greece
Rethinking Education, Student Adjustment & the School Counselor Invited lecture for faculty and students Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey
Invited conference presentations: 1. The Transformative Classroom”, 2.“Effective Leadership: How personality style impacts leadership style”, 3.“Revisiting the Special Education/ESE Paradigm: Are we helping or hurting students Administrators Conference Assoc of International Schools of India, Lavasa City, India
“Resilience Focused Brief Counseling/Therapy Annual Conference Idaho Society for Individual Psychology
“Resilience-Focused Brief Family Therapy Annual Conference McAbee Society for Adlerian Psychology, Washington, D.C.
Developing Transformative Schools”. Keynote: Annual School Administrators & Counselors Breakfast Palm Beach School District
“Bullying Prevention and Intervention: What works & What doesn’t”. Professional Dev. Seminar Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society, FAU
“Toward a Social Vaccine: Inoculating our Tweens”. Keynote for Parenting Seminar Tykes & Teens of Martin County
Rethinking Child and Adolescent Disorders: Toward a Copernican Shift in Mental Health Annual Children's Summitt New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, Ft. Pierce, FL

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