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William G Nicoll

Florida Atlantic University



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Recent Publications:
Nicoll, W. G. (2011). Developing Resilient Youth: Classroom activities for social-emotional competence. Indianapolis, IN: Abbot Press.

Bitter, R. & Nicoll, W.G. (2013). Case approach to Adlerian therapy: An Adlerian therapist’sperspective on Ruth. In G. Corey (Ed.) Case Approach to counseling and psychotherapy (8th ed), pp 50-73. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cenage.

Nicoll, W.G. (2010).  Beyond innovation to transformation: Mindsets, resilience and the effective school.  InterEd journal of the Assoc. for the Advancement of International Education.

Nicoll, W. G. (2011).  Resilience-focused Brief Family Therapy.  Journal of Individual Psychology.

Nicoll, W (2002) Working with Families. In l. Miller (Ed) Integrating school and family counseling. The Family Psychology and counseling series, Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association


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