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Donna E Granger
Teaching Faculty III

Florida State University



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Peer Reviewed Publications (select)
Southerland, S.A., E.M. Granger, R. Hughes, P. Enderle, K. Fe, K. Roseler, Y. Saka (in preparation) The Essential Features of Research Experiences for Teachers in Shaping Teacher Practice.
Enderle, P., Dentzau, M. Roseler, K., Southerland, S.A., Granger, E., Hughes, R., Golden, G, & Saka, Y. (in press). Examining the Influence of RET’s on Science Teachers’ Beliefs. Science Education.
Granger, E.M., Bevis, T., Saka, Y., Southerland, S.A., Sampson, V., &Tate, R. (2012). The efficacy of student centered instruction in supporting science learning. Science, 338, 105-108.
Southerland, S. A., Nadelson, L., Sowell, S., Kahveci, M., Saka, Y., & Granger, E. M. (2012), Measuring one aspect of teachers’ affective states: Development of the science teachers’ pedagogical discontentment scale. School Science and Mathematics, 112 (8),483-494.
Southerland, S. A., Sowell, S., Blanchard, M., & Granger, D. E. (2011). Explo ring the Construct of Pedagogical Discontentment: A Tool to Understand Science Teachers’ Openness to Reform. Research in Science Education, 41, 299-317.
Granger, E. M., Bevis, T. H., Saka, Y., & Southerland, S. A. (2010). Comparing the Efficacy of Reform-Based and Traditional/Verification Curricula to Support Student Learning About Space Science. In: Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the FutureAstronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, 431, 151-159.
Blanchard., M.R., Southerland, S. A., Osborne, S. A., Sampson, J. W., Annetta, L.A., & Granger, E.M. (2010). Is Inquiry Possible in Light of Accountability: A Quantitative Comparison of the Relative Effectiveness of Guided Inquiry and Verification Laboratory Instruction. Science Education, 94, 577-616
Blanchard, M. R., Southerland, S. A., & Granger, E. M. (2009). No Silver Bullet for Inquiry: Making Sense of Teacher Change Following an Inquiry Based Research Experience for Teachers. Journal of Science Education, 93, 322-360.
Gilmer, P.J., Granger, D.E., & Butler, W. (Eds.) (2005). Science Graduate Students in K-8 Classrooms: Experiences and Reflections. Tallahassee, FL. SERC@SERVE.
Granger, D. Ellen (2005). Florida State University Science Graduate Students Working with K-12 Teachers and Students. In: P.J. Gilmer, D.E. Granger, W. Butler (eds.). Science Graduate Students in K-8 Classrooms: Experiences and Reflections. Tallahassee, FL: SERC@SERVE.
Granger, Ellen (2004). Sustaining Support for Science Outreach: Lessons Learned Over 20 Years of Connecting Scientists with K-12 Science. Sustained Support for K-12 Science and Mathematics. D. G. Haase and S. K. Schultz (Eds). , North Carolina State University. Raleigh, NC: The Science House (ISBN 0-9704885-7-2).
Masterton, R. B., Granger, E. M., & Glendenning, K. K. (1994). Role of acoustic striae in hearing: mechanisms for enhancement of sound detection in cats. Journal of Hearing Research, 73, 209-222.
Granger, E. M., Glendinning, J., Smith, J. C., & Beidler, L. M. (1993). Sodium chloride response in young vs. old Fischer?344 rats: A behavioral and electrophysiological study. Chemical Senses, 18,419?426.
Masterton, R. B., Granger, E. M., & Glendenning, K. K. (1992). Psychoacoustical contribution of each lateral lemniscus. Journal of Hearing Research, 63, 57?70.
Granger E. M., & Beidler, L. M. (1990). Quantitative analysis of mitoses inside taste buds. Chemical Senses.
Masterton, R. B., & Granger, E. M. (1988). Role of acoustic striae in hearing: Contribution of dorsal and intermediate striae to detection of noises and tones. Journal of Neurophysiology, 60, 1841?1860.
Granger, E. M., Masterton, R. B., & Glendenning, K. K. (1985). Origin of inter? hemispheric fibers in acallosal opossum with a comparison to callosal origins in rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 241, 82?98.


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