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Austin R Mast

Florida State University



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Begin Date End Date Title
08-12-2020 08-11-2023 Legacy of Gondwana: Evolutionary history and convervation of the Grevilleoideae
07-01-2020 06-30-2022 RAPID: Rapid Creation of a Data Product for the World’s Specimens of Horseshoe Bats and Relatives, a Known Reservoir for Coronaviruses
11-08-2016 11-23-2017 Digitizing Herbarium Specimen Attribute Data for "At -Risk" Plant Species
09-01-2016 08-31-2021 IDigBio: Integrated Digitized Biocollections Phase II
07-15-2015 06-30-2020 ABI DEVELOPMENT: Notes From Nature: Advancing A Next Generation Citizen Science Platform For Biocollection Transcription
08-15-2014 07-31-2019 Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: The Key to the Cabinets: Building and Sustaining a Research Database for a Global Biodiversity Hotspot
06-01-2013 05-31-2016 Dissertation Research: Extending Anchored Phylogenomics Into Plants With A Case Study Of Beaksedge (Tribe Rhynchosporeae; Cyperaceae) Diversification in the New World
07-01-2011 06-30-2018 Digitization Hub: A Collection Digitization Framework for the 21st Century
07-15-2010 06-30-2012 Collaborative Research: Imaging the Tall Timbers Research Station's Biological Research Collections
07-08-2009 07-31-2012 Collaborative Research: Data Integration for Repository Services in Biodiversity Informatics
11-25-2008 11-24-2010 Bacillariophyta (Diatoms) of Coastal Florida: I. Descriptions and Taxonomic Keys to Families, Genera and Species of Centric Diatoms
04-01-2007 03-31-2011 Collaborative Research: The Deep South Plant Specimen Imaging Project
08-29-2006 06-15-2007 Geo-referencing the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC) Database
05-01-2006 04-30-2008 Bess Ward Fellowship & Honors Thesis Award 2006-2008
08-08-2005 06-15-2006 Geo-Referencing the Florida EPPC Database
08-01-2005 07-31-2009 Phylogeny, Biogeography and Ecological Diversification
07-01-2005 06-30-2009 MorphBank: Web Image Database Technology for Comparative Morphology and Biodiversity Research

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