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Ming Ye

Florida State University



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Begin Date End Date Title
01-01-2020 12-31-2021 Water Resources and Environmental Sustainability of Coastal Cities under Population Growth, Economic Development, and Climate Change
10-01-2019 09-30-2021 CoPe EAGER: Multi-Scale Exploration of Nutrient Cycles and its Socio-Economic Impacts in Coastal Areas
01-02-2019 09-30-2019 Update and Technical Training of ArcNLET for Groundwater Nitrogen Modeling
09-15-2018 07-31-2020 Multi-Model and Multi-Scale Global Sensitivity Analysis for Identifying Controlling Processes of Complex Systems
03-15-2018 02-28-2021 RAPID: Turning a Lake Sinkhole Event into Natural/Man-Made Tracer Experiments and Data Collection Campaign for Advanced Understanding of Karst Hydrogeology and Solute Transport
08-01-2016 07-31-2020 Collaborative Research: Multimodel Bayesian Data-Worth Analysis for Aquifer Characterization and Contaminant Remediation
03-29-2013 03-28-2017 Ground Water Model to Estimate Nitrogen Loadings from Septic Tanks
07-06-2012 01-05-2014 Nitrate Fate And Transport Modeling
07-01-2012 06-30-2018 Computational Bayesian Framework for Quantification and Reduction of Predictive Uncertainty in Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling
09-16-2009 03-15-2012 Development of a Ground water Tool to Estimate Nitrogen Loadings from Septic Systems
09-01-2009 08-31-2013 Impact of Calibration Data on Evaluating Plausibility of Alternative Groundwater Models
05-01-2009 04-30-2013 Multi-Scale Assessment of Prediction Uncertainty in Coupled Reactive Transport Models
03-01-2009 12-31-2012 Parallel Computing For Assessment Of Predictive Uncertainty In Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling
02-26-2009 03-31-2013 Effects of Near-Term Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Inrastructure
10-01-2008 05-31-2009 Plume-Scale Heterogeneity Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Contaminant Transport at the BC Cribs Site: A Preliminary Study
04-12-2007 09-30-2007 A New Method of Characterizing Heterogeneity and Uncertainty of Soil Hydraulic Parameters: With Application at the Hanford 200E Area

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