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Jennifer E Lewis
Associate Chair & Professor

University of South Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
08-20-2018 08-19-2019 NSF Program Director Position Assignment Agreement
10-01-2017 09-30-2020 Collaborative Research: Mapping Change in Higher Educati
09-01-2016 08-31-2021 Student Engagement in a Community-Based, Blended Learnin
08-01-2015 07-31-2020 Systemic Transformation of Education Through Evidence-Based Reforms (STEER)
09-15-2013 08-31-2015 Transforming STEM Teaching in a Large Urban-Serving Univ
10-01-2012 09-30-2016 Transforming the undergraduate biochemistry education: a community approach linking learning, assessment and curricular innovation
10-01-2011 09-30-2015 POGIL Math - Guided Inquiry Materials for Gatekeep
01-01-2011 12-31-2013 Collaborative Research: Climate Change Concepts and POGIL
09-01-2008 08-31-2011 Collaborative Research: A Model for Data-Driven Reform in Education
10-01-2007 09-30-2011 POGIL Biochem Advancing Active Learning Approaches in Biochemistry
09-01-2007 08-31-2009 Chemistry Education Research Doctoral Scholars Program
12-15-2006 09-30-2008 Collaborative Research: The POGIL Project
09-01-2005 11-30-2007 Collaborative Research: Adapting IMMEX to provide problem Solving Assessment from the ACS Exams Institute
05-01-2005 04-30-2008 Collaborative Research: Molecules of Life - A Partnership to Enhance Undergraduate Science Education for Non-Majors
10-11-2004 12-15-2005 Understanding Resignations: Science, Mathematics and Reading Teachers (UR SMART II)
11-01-2003 10-30-2004 Multi-University Reading, Mathematics and Science Initiative
08-08-2003 08-07-2006 Sustainable Reform for General Chemistry: Phased Implementation of Lecture-Based Reforms and Peer-Led Guided Inquiry
09-01-2002 08-31-2004 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Systemic Change Chemistry Curricula Reform Project Workshops

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