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Norma A Alcantar

University of South Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
09-15-2015 02-29-2016 Clean Water by Nature
07-01-2015 06-30-2018 Collaborative Research: SUSCHEM-Graded Interpenetrating Polymer Membranes based on Sustainable Materials for Selective Removal of Organics from Water
07-01-2015 06-30-2016 PHASE II: Implementing, Optimizing and Evaluating a Hybr
04-01-2014 09-30-2015 Integrative Program to Sustain and Strengthen Colloidal
03-15-2013 10-01-2013 Selectivity Studies for Ammonia and Chlorine Removing Agents for Preserving Bait and Fresh Caught Fish
09-12-2012 08-31-2014 EAGER: Fabrication, Characterization, and Implementation of an Ofi Mucilage Nanofiber Membrane System
09-01-2012 08-31-2013 Phase II: Removal of Off-Flavor Compounds in Aquac
08-01-2012 07-31-2013 Novel Experiments in Biological Systems Symposium
10-01-2011 09-30-2014 The Science and Technology of Dispersants as Relev
09-01-2010 08-31-2011 RAPID: Water-Based, Natural Polymer Surfacants: Im
07-01-2010 06-30-2012 Smart Packaging: A Novel Technique for Localized Drug Delivery for Ovarian Cancer
06-01-2010 05-31-2011 RAPID: Remediation of Earthquake-Impacted Potable Water Sources with Cactus Mucilage
04-15-2009 03-31-2012 IRES: Sustainable Clean Water Technologies for the UN's Millenium Development Goals - A Partnership between UNESCO-IHE (Delft, Netherlands) and University of South Florida
07-01-2008 06-30-2009 Faculty for the Future Award
02-01-2008 01-31-2009 SGER: Conducting and Semi-transparent Chemically Active Surfaces
04-18-2007 04-17-2009 Antibody Mediated Conformational Changesin AB Peptides
01-01-2006 12-31-2006 Implementation Grant: Transforming the Educational Experience of Transfer Students in Chemical Engineering Using a Multi-Dimensional
08-15-2005 07-31-2006 Educational Outreach: Teaching Nanotechnology Session
05-24-2005 12-31-2007 US-Mexico Workshop: Bridging Nanoscale Forces and Interfacial Phenomena to the Macroscopic World; Mexico; Cancun, Mexico, January 2006
10-01-2004 09-30-2009 BE:MUSES: Proposal for a Planning Grant:Implementing a Natural-Based Process for Removing Contaminants in Water
08-15-2004 07-31-2006 MRI: Acquisition of Focused Ion Beam Tool for the USF Nanomanufacturing and Nanomaterials Research Center

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