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Jeffrey A Cunningham
Associate Professor

University of South Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
01-01-2023 06-30-2024 Evaluation of Options for Disinfection at South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility
10-01-2022 09-30-2024 Engineering Fellows Postdoctoral Fellowship (Erica Dasi)
05-09-2022 09-30-2023 Assessing the potential for geologic sequestration of ca
11-01-2021 10-31-2024 IRES Track 1: Convergent research to support provision o
10-01-2020 08-31-2021 Process Optimization at Hillsborough County's Advanced W
11-01-2019 09-30-2020 Evaluation of Options for Disinfection at South Cross Ba
07-22-2019 07-21-2020 Process Optimization at Hillsborough Countys Advanced W
02-15-2019 05-15-2019 Process Optimization at Hillsborough County's Advanced Water Reclamation Facilities, Part 1: Rapidly Deployable Simulation Tools
07-01-2017 06-30-2018 Water Innovation Network for Sustainable Small Systems
01-01-2017 12-31-2017 Management of Nitrogen and Phosphorus at Hillsborough Co
09-01-2015 08-31-2016 Evaluation of Chlorine Demand and Formation of Disinfect
01-01-2015 12-31-2016 Development and Application of New Modeling Capabilities
08-18-2014 08-17-2015 EAGER: Fungal Bioleaching for Recovery of Lithium and Co
09-01-2013 08-31-2017 Center for Reinventing Aging Infrastructure for Nutrient Management (RAINmgt)
10-08-2012 11-30-2012 Geochemical modeling for UIC Feasibility Analyses: ECT-Mosiac
03-01-2011 02-29-2012 Conference: 2011 AEESP Conference and CAREER Works
12-01-2010 11-30-2012 Collaborative Research: Dvelopment and Testing of a Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Concept Inventory
09-01-2010 08-31-2013 A Novel Physical-Chemical-Biological Treatment Process for Swine Wastes
04-15-2009 03-31-2012 IRES: Sustainable Clean Water Technologies for the UN's Millenium Development Goals - A Partnership between UNESCO-IHE (Delft, Netherlands) and University of South Florida
05-16-2008 08-29-2008 Geochemical Modeling of Waste Stream Injection into Deep Aquifers
09-12-2007 11-01-2007 Geochemical Modeling of Waste Stream Injection Into Deep Aquifers
06-06-2007 08-15-2008 Evaluation of Subsurface Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at Polk Power Station: Physical and Chemical Modeling
04-01-2007 03-31-2010 Optimization of Reverse Osmosis Membrane System at the Dunedin Water Treatment Facility: Understanding and Control of Membrane Fouling
01-02-2007 12-31-2007 Macro-Percolation rates in Hillsborough County Closed Basins
07-01-2006 08-31-2007 Investigation of Cleaning Protocol Improvement and Lifetime Extension for Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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