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Dominic P D'Agostino
Assistant Professor

University of South Florida


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Metabolic Therapies: Therapeutic Implications and Practical Application
Duration: (45 min)
Year: 2014
Keyword: cancer, metabolism, nutrition, ketogenic diet, ketone supplements
Metabolic therapies that induce a state of mild ketosis from caloric restriction or the ketogenic diet offer neuroprotection against a wide range of pathologies, and continues to be an emerging strategy for the metabolic management of cancer. Severe dietary restriction of calories or carbohydrates is typically needed to produce a level of ketosis that achieves therapeutic benefits. Interestingly, the strategy to use exogenous ketones as an alternative fuel has not been exploited therapeutically. When administered orally in controlled dosages, ketone esters and other ketogenic agents can lower glucose and elevate plasma ketone levels comparable to levels achieved by the most rigorous ketogenic diets. Metabolic therapies in the form of ketone supplementation offer a safe, convenient, and versatile new treatment approach for a variety of diseases, including seizure disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.

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