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Dominic P D'Agostino
Assistant Professor

University of South Florida


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Begin Date End Date Title
07-01-2019 12-31-2020 Evaluating Therapeutic Mechanisms of Ketosis in Cachexia
12-01-2018 12-31-2019 Nutritional Support in a Model of Kabuki Syndrome
09-01-2018 08-31-2023 Metabolic Interventions for Enhancing Cognitive Resilien
01-01-2018 12-31-2022 Optimizing Ketone Metabolic Therapy and Identifying Biom
01-01-2018 12-31-2021 Ketogenic Diet for Reduction of CNS Oxygen Toxicity symp
07-01-2017 06-30-2018 Ketone Supplementation for Cancer Cachexia
05-31-2017 07-27-2018 Testing Cancer Cachexia with a Ketone Ester
05-31-2017 07-27-2018 Testing Press-Pulse Therapy in Metastatic Cancer
07-01-2016 06-30-2017 Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research-Statewide Brain
05-01-2016 07-31-2017 Evaluating Ketone Supplementation in GLUT1DS Mice
04-01-2016 03-31-2017 Development and testing of the ketogenic diet, Ketone Su
01-01-2016 02-29-2016 Therapeutic Efficacy of Topical Ketone Supplements in Co
09-01-2015 08-31-2016 Therapeutic Efficacy of Glutamate-Oxaloacetate Transamin
04-01-2015 03-31-2016 Development and Testing of Ketogenic Diet, Ketone Supplementation, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Protocols for Cancer
01-01-2014 12-31-2014 Effect of the Ketogenic Diet Versus Western Diet on Stre
01-01-2014 12-31-2014 Testing the Efficacy of Ketone Supplementation in Glucos
12-01-2013 02-28-2014 Pre-Clinical Study to Assess Efficacy of Metabolic Thera
12-01-2012 11-30-2015 Efficacy and Anticonvulsant Mechanism of Ketogenesis in CNS Oxygen Toxicity
09-01-2012 09-30-2012 Efficacy and Mechanism of Metabolic Therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
07-08-2011 07-07-2014 Laser Confocal Microscopy (AFM) Studies of Oxygen
07-01-2010 06-30-2011 Molecular Mechanisms of sigma receptor-mediated cytoprotection
10-01-2008 09-30-2011 Hyperoxia-Induced Oxidative Stress and its Ultrastructure
07-01-2006 11-30-2008 Real-Time Molecular and Cellular Studies of CNS O2 Toxicity using Hyperbaric Atomic Forec Microscopy

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