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Mark T Brown

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:

Arden, S., Xin Ma, & M.T. Brown. 2019 . Holistic analysis of urban water systems in the greater Cincinnati region: (2) resource use profiles by Emergy Accounting approach. Water Research X 2, 100012.

Lee, D.J. and M.T. Brown. 2019. Renewable empower distribution of the world. Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management 7(1) (2019) 11-27

Brown, M. T., Boyer, T., Sindelar, R. J., Arden, S., Persaud, A., & Brandt-Williams, S. (2018). A Floating Island Treatment System for the Removal of Phosphorus from Surface Waters. Engineering. Doi: 10.1016/j.eng.2018.08.002

Gengyuan L., M. T. Brown and M. Casazza. 2017. Enhancing the Sustainability Narrative through a Deeper Understanding of Sustainable Development Indicators. Sustainability 2017, 9, 1078; doi:10.3390/su90610

LI, H., and M.T. Brown, 2017. Emergy-based environmental accounting toward a sustainable Mongolia. J. Geogr. Sci. 2017, 27(10): 1227-1248. DOI: 10.1007/s11442-017-1432-2

Brown, M.T., D.E. Campbell, C. De Vilbiss. S. Ulgiati. 2016. The Geobiosphere Emergy Baseline: A synthesis. Ecological Modelling, 339 (2016) 92-95.

Brown, M.T. and S. Ulgiati. 2016. Emergy Accounting of Global Renewable Sources. Ecological Modelling, 339 (2016) 148-156.

Siegel, E., M.T. Brown, C. De Vilbiss, S. Arden. 2016. Calculating solar transformities of the four major heat-producing radiogenic isotopes in the Earth’s crust and mantle. Ecological Modeling   339 (2016) 140-147

De Vilbiss, C., M.T. Brown, E. Seigel, and S. Arden. 2016. Computing the geobiosphere emergy baseline: A novel approach. Ecological Modelling, 339 (2016) 133-139

Brown, M.T. and S. Ulgiati. 2016. Assessing the Global Environmental Sources Driving the Geobiosphere: A Revised Emergy Baseline. Ecological Modelling. 339 (2016) 126–132

Boyd, M. C., M. T. Brown, Sherry Brandt-Williams. 2015. Addressing pollutant load reduction goals for impaired water bodies through biomass harvest of Gulf Coast type Phragmites australis (common reed). Wetlands Ecology and Management. (2015) 23:519–533.

Zarba, L. and M.T. Brown. 2015. Cycling Emergy. Computing emergy in trophic networks. Ecological Modelling.315: 37-45

Brown, M.T. 2015. Emergy and Form: Accounting Principles for Recycle Pathways. Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management 3(3) (2015) 259-274.

De Vilbiss, C. and M.T. Brown. 2015. New method to compute the emergy of crustal minerals. Ecological Modelling. 315:108-115.

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