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Don P Chambers
Associate Professor

University of South Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
12-01-2020 11-30-2021 CIMAS Innovative Science, Service and Stewardship "Sub-contractual Award to a CIMAS Consortium Academic Institution: University of South Florida
09-01-2020 08-31-2023 Understanding Surface Wave Signals in SWOT Altimetry
06-01-2020 05-31-2024 Impact of Short-Timescale Variability on Local, Regional
01-01-2020 12-31-2027 Determining Decadal Variability in Deep Ocean Currents from GRACE and GRACE Follow-on
05-27-2019 09-30-2023 Homage-Heat and Ocean Mass From Gravity ESDR
09-01-2017 08-31-2020 The Evaluation of Ocean Reanalyses in Their Determining
07-01-2017 06-30-2019 An Indicator for U.S. Coastal Extreme Sea Levels
01-01-2017 12-31-2020 Analysis of Kinetic Energy and Structure Functions from
05-01-2016 04-30-2020 Understanding and Predicting Coastal Sea Level V Arabili
01-01-2016 12-31-2019 Quantifying Decadal Transport Variations of the Anartic Circumpolar Current and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation using GRACE and GRACE Follow-on Observations
04-01-2015 03-31-2016 Support of Sea Level Rise and Storm Research
06-01-2013 05-31-2017 An Earth System Data Record of Earth's Surface Mass Variations from GRACE & Geodetic Satellites
03-13-2013 03-12-2017 Improved Estimates of Southern Ocean Transport by Combining Satellite Altimetry and Temperature/Salinity Profile Data
08-06-2012 08-05-2016 Investigating Low-Frequency Barotropic Transport Fluctuations in the Southern Ocean, North Pacific, and Atlantic using GRACE
08-08-2011 08-07-2014 The Response of Sea Level to Changes in Climate: Has There Been a Fundamental Shift in the Rate of Sea Level Rise?
03-01-2011 03-01-2012 Understanding Long-Term Seal-Level Variability in
03-22-2010 12-31-2010 An Earth System Data Record of Changes in Earth Massess from GRACE, CHAMP and other Satellites
01-25-2010 01-24-2011 Steric Sea Level Variations from a Combination of GRACE, Jason-1, and Argo Float Data
11-23-2009 09-30-2010 Assessing the Qualith of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity Measurements using an Ocean State Estimation System
05-11-2009 05-10-2010 Mass Changes in Earth's Global Water Reservoirs

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