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Seetha Raghavan

University of Central Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
01-01-2022 05-31-2022 RF: In-situ Utilization of Lunar and Planetary Regolith for Sensor Development
08-27-2021 08-26-2022 Development of novel mesoporous substrates for a stable liquid-metal plasma-material interface under ultra long-plasmas
08-23-2021 08-22-2023 Forging a trajectory for STEM Readiness in Space Technology
08-23-2021 04-30-2022 FSGC: American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics at UCF Student Projects, 2021-2022
08-02-2021 08-01-2022 FSGC Investigating the thermochemical and thermomechanical response of multilayer reusable hypersonic leading edges
08-02-2021 08-01-2022 FSGC Master Perla LaTorres Suarez
01-01-2021 06-30-2022 FSGC: UCF High-Power Rocketry – M-Class Hybrid Rocket
01-01-2021 05-31-2021 RF : 3D Printed Nanocomposite Sensors
09-16-2020 01-15-2021 Mapping a Trajectory for STEM Readiness in Space Technology
09-01-2020 08-31-2023 IRES Track 1: Advancing materials and combustion technologies for next generation propulsion and power generation systems at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
08-01-2020 10-31-2021 Modeling corrosion initiation with in-situ and nanoscale characterization
10-01-2017 09-30-2022 In-situ optical monitoring of
10-01-2017 09-30-2020 Cash 3rd party cost share provided by Siemens linked to RID # 1063102 - Dr. Seetha Raghavan - DOE
07-15-2017 09-30-2021 Multi-scale and in-situ sensin
04-10-2015 05-09-2021 NASA Florida Space Grant Conso
04-01-2015 12-31-2020 IRES: US-Germany collaboration to advance research and education in materials for extreme environments
01-28-2015 06-30-2015 Characterization of thermal barrier coating systems using piezospectroscopy
09-10-2014 11-30-2014 RF: Selective Laser Melted (SLM) Superalloy Processing, Characterization and Properties for Energy Systems
08-01-2014 12-31-2015 High temperature materials for reusable spacecraft characterized under extreme conditions
01-01-2014 12-31-2014 FSGC - 2014-15 FUNSAT project
05-01-2012 07-31-2014 US-Germany collaboration: Achieving breakthroughs in the mechanics of high temperature ceramic coatings with novel thermal-gradient mechanical fatigue studies.
05-01-2012 08-31-2013 IH: Characterizing Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Polymers Under Dynamic Deformation
10-01-2011 09-30-2015 GOALI: Developing Piezospectroscopic Sensing Systems in Adhesives and Coatings
08-01-2011 07-31-2014 BRIGE: Engineering the mechanisms controlling durability of high temperature ceramic coatings for energy efficiency
04-15-2011 08-05-2012 Study of dense matrix thermal and structural problems of interest to NASA for High Performance Computing Benchmark Suite ( This project is linked to 64018193)
08-05-2010 08-05-2012 High Performance Computing Benchmark Suite (This project is linked to 16268158)
06-24-2010 09-30-2011 Synchrotron Studies of Trimodal MMCs

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