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David Letson

University of Miami


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Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Implications for Florida Agriculture and Natural Resources
Duration: (0:47:12)
Year: 2016
Keyword: climate change
Invited talk at the University of Floriad/IFAS Agricultural Policy Outlook in Apopka, FL. January 2016.

American Business Council Presentation: The Ocean Economy
Duration: (9 minutes)
Year: 2011
Keyword: oceans ecosystems, economic value,
Ocean ecosystems provide enormous economic value, and we cannot use our marine resources wisely without acknowledging that.

Key Biscayne Historical Lecture Series: Glad Tidings from a Dismal Scientist
Duration: (56 minutes)
Year: 2009
Keyword: the Great Recession, Key Biscayne, quality of life
My remarks begin at the 9:50 mark, if you would like to avoid the three introductions that I was fortunate enough to receive.

My remarks at the Third International Climate Services Program
Duration: (One minute.)
Year: 2014
Keyword: climate services, Caribbean basin, agriculture
We all like climate services here, but they’re not free; we need to be aware of how our projects are proceeding. We had a variety of speakers comment on projects throughout the world. One occurring in Mali, I looked at a project here in the Caribbean, and there was another presentation from Senegal. These are very different places, but what we find are a number of challenges in attributing overall benefits, from agriculture productivity, what we can attribute to climate services. That was one of our takeaway lessons. Some very interesting observations from very different places all over the world.

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