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Darren Rumbold
Professor of Marine Science

Florida Gulf Coast University



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Recent Publications:

Accepted Harris R., Pollman C., Landing W., Axelrad D., Morey S., Evans D., Hutchinson D., Dukhovskoy D, Adams D., Rumbold D., and Sunderland, E. Mercury in the Gulf of Mexico: Sources to Receptors. C-MERC paper  submitted for special issue of Environmental Research.

2012        Bergamaschi, B.B., Krabbenhoft, D.P., Aiken, G.A., Patino, E., Rumbold, D.G., Orem,W.H., Tidally driven export of dissolved organic carbon, total mercury, and methylmercury from a mangrove-dominated estuary. Environ. Sci. Technol., 46, 1371−1378

2011         Rumbold, D.G, Engel, M., and Axelrad, D. Risk of ill-informed decision-making when choosing your favorite fish. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 17: 1156-1169.

2011         Rumbold, D.G., Evans, D., Niemczyk, S., Fink, L., Laine, K., Howard, N., Krabbenhoft, D.,  and Zucker M. Source identification of Florida Bay's methylmercury problem: mainland runoff versus atmospheric deposition and in situ production. Estuaries and Coasts. 34:494–513.

2009         Rumbold, D.G., Morrison, M.B., and Bruner, M.C. Assessing the Ecological Risk of a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill to Surrounding Wildlife: a Case Study in Florida. Environmental Bioindicators, 4:246-279.

2009         Herring, G., Gawlik, D.E., and Rumbold, D.G. Physiological responses to methylmercury in Great Egret and White Ibis chicks in the Florida Everglades. Sci. of the Total Environ., 407: 2641-2649.

2008         Rumbold, D.G., Lange, T.R., Axelrad, D.M., Atkeson, T.D. Ecological risk of methylmercury in Everglades National Park, Florida, U.S.A. Ecotoxicology 17:632-641.

2007         Henshel, D., Aschner, M., Basu, N., Bowerman, W., Echeverria, D., Gilbertson, M., Ralston, N., Rumbold, D.G, Wolfe, M.  Roundtable Discussion Groups Summary Papers: New Bioindicators for Mercury Toxicological Assessment: Recommendations from the First International Bioindicators Roundtable. Environ. Bioindicators, 2:183 – 207.

2006         Rumbold D.G., and Fink, L.E. Extreme spatial variability and unprecedented methylmercury concentrations within a constructed wetland. Environ. Monit. Assess., 112: 115–135.

2005         Rumbold D.G. A probabilistic risk assessment of the effects of methylmercury on Great Egrets and Bald Eagles foraging at a constructed wetland in South Florida relative to the Everglades. Human and Ecol. Risk Assess., 11(2): 365-388.

2002         Rumbold D.G., Fink, L.E., Laine, K.A., Niemczyk, S.L., Chandrasekhar, T., Wankel, S.D. and Kendall, C. Levels of mercury in alligators (Alligator Mississippiensis) collected along a transect through the Florida Everglades.  Sci. of the Total Environ., 297: 239-252.

2002         Rumbold, D.G., and Mihalik, M.B.. Biomonitoring environmental contaminants near a municipal solid-waste combustor: a decade later. Environ. Pollution.117: 15-21.

2001         Rumbold D.G., Niemczyk, S.L., Fink, L.E., Chandrasekhar, T., Harkanson, B., and Laine K.A. Mercury in eggs and feathers of Great Egrets (Ardea albus) from the Florida Everglades. Arch. Environ. Contam. Tox. 41: 501-507.

2001         Rumbold, D.G., Davis, P.W., and Peretta. C.  Estimating the effect of beach nourishment on Caretta caretta (Loggerhead sea turtle) nesting. Restoration Ecology, 9: 304 – 310.

1999         Rumbold, D.G., and Snedaker, S.C. Sea-surface microlayer toxicity off the Florida Keys. Mar. Environ. Res., 47: 457-472.

1997         Rumbold, D.G., Bruner, M.C., Mihalik, M.B., and Marti, E.A. Biomonitoring environmental contaminants near a municipal solid-waste combustor. Environ. Pollut., 96: 99-105.

1997         Rumbold, D.G., and Snedaker, S.C. Evaluations of bioassays to monitor surface microlayer toxicity in tropical waters. Arch. Environ. Contam. Tox., 32: 135-140.

1996         Rumbold, D.G., Mihalik, M.B., Bruner, M.C., Marti, E.A., and White, L.L. Organochlorine pesticides in anhingas, white ibises and apple snails collected in Florida: 1989 - 1991. Arch. Environ. Contam. Tox., 30: 379-383.

1995         Glynn, P.W., Rumbold, D.G., and Snedaker, S.C. Organochlorine pesticide residues in marine sediment and biota from the northern Florida reef tract. Mar. Pollut. Bull., 30:397-407.

1995         Snedaker, S.C., Glynn, P.W., Rumbold, D.G. and Corcoran, E.F. Distribution of n-alkanes in marine samples from southeast Florida. Mar. Pollut. Bull., 30:83-89.

1994         Rumbold, D.G., and Mihalik, M.B. Snail Kite use of a communal roost and drought-related habitat, 1987-1991. Fl. Field Naturalist, 22:29-38.

1994         Rumbold, D.G., and Snedaker, S.C. Do mangroves float? J. Tropical Ecol., 10:281-284.

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