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Elizabeth M. Elliott

Florida Gulf Coast University



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Recent Publications:
Elliott, E.M. & Vazquez-Montilla. (in press, 2014). Maintaining rigor and value in the educational process using an online course delivery model. Florida Educational Leadership. Vazquez-Montilla, E. & Elliott, E.M. (March, 2014). Bibliotherapy: Building a culture of care with young children. The Journal of the Florida Association for the education of young children, 6(1), 20-27. Elliott, E.M., Jeewek, J., Mallett, C., Strauss, E. K., and Toy, T.C. (2014). Professional development at your convenience. Elliott, E. (2011). Everybody has an old shoe. Children Our Concern, The Journal of the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children, Inc., 3(1). Retrieved from: Elliott, E., Isaacs, M., & Chugani, C. (2010). Promoting Self-Efficacy in Early Career Teachers: A Principal’s Guide for Differentiated Mentoring and Supervision. Florida Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, 4(1), 131-146. . Elliott, E.M., Vazquez-Montilla, E., & Mayberry, S., Christensen, L. (2010). The process of change for teacher candidates: Learning to collaborate. Florida Educational Leadership,11(1), 39-43.

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