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Daniel Feaster

University of Miami



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Recent Publications:
  1. Hussong, AM, Gottfredson, NC, Bauer, DJ, Curran, PJ, Haroon, M, Chandler, R, Kahana, SY, Delaney, JA, Altice, FL, Beckwith, CG and Feaster, DJ. Approaches for creating comparable measures of alcohol use symptoms: Harmonization with eight studies of criminal justice populations. Drug and alcohol dependence194, pp.59-68. 2019. Impact Factor 3.32
  2. Philbin, MM, Feaster, DJ, Gooden, Duan, R., Das., M,  Jacobs, P, Lucas, GM, Batey, DS, Nijhawan, A, Jacobson, JM, Mandler, R, Daar, E, McMahon, DK, Armstrong, WS, del Rio, C, & Metsch, LR. The north-south divide: Substance use risk, care engagement, and viral suppression among hospitalized HIV-infected patients in 11 US cities.  Clinical Infectious Diseases, 68(1), 146-149. 2019. Impact Factor 9.12
  3. McCollister, KE, Yang, X, Murphy, SM, Leff, JA, Kronmal, RA, Crane, HM, Chandler, RK, Taxman, FS, Feaster, DJ, Metsch, LR and Cunningham, WE. Criminal justice measures for economic data harmonization in substance use disorder research. Health & justice6(1), p.17.  2018.
  4. Mitchell, SG, Monico, LB, Stitzer, M, Matheson, T, Sorensen, JL, Feaster, DJ, Schwartz, RP, Metsch, L.  How patient navigators view the use of financial incentives to influences study involvement, substance use, and HIV treatment.  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 94, 18-23. 2018.  Available online 22 July 2018. Impact Factor 2.73
  5. Doblecki-Lewis, S, Liu, AY, Feaster, DJ, Cohen, SE, Elion, R, Bacon, O, Coleman, M, Cardenas, G, & Kolber, MA.  Patterns and Correlates of Participant Retention in a Multi-City Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Demonstration Project.  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 79(1), 62-69. 2018.  Impact Factor 4.56
  6. Traynor, SM, Rosen-Metsch, L & Feaster, DJ. Missed Opportunities for HIV Testing Among STD Clinic Patients.  Journal of Community Health, 43(6), 1128-1136. 2018. Impact Factor 1.72
  7. Jaki, T, Kim, M, Lamont, A, George, M, Chang, C, Feaster, D, & Van Horn, ML. The effects of sample size on the estimation of regression mixture models. Educational and Psychological Measurement, Available online 2018 //
  8. Lamont, AE, Lyons, MD, Jaki, T, Stuart EA, Feaster, DJ, Ishwaran, H, Tharmaratnam, K & Van Horn, ML.  Identification of predicted individual treatment effects (PITE) in randomized clinical trials.  Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(1), 142-157 2018.  Impact Factor 4.47
  9. Stitzer, ML, Hammond, AS, Matheson, T, Sorensen, JL, Feaster, DJ, Duan, R, Gooden, L, del Rio, C, & Metsch LR. Enhancing Patient Navigation with Contingent Incentives to Imrove Healthcare Behaviors and Viral Load Suppression of Persons with HIV and Substance Use.  AIDS Patient Care and STDS, 32(7), 288-296. 2018. Impact Factor 4.04
  10. Panagiotoglou D, Olding M, Enns B, Feaster DJ, del Rio C, Metsch LR, Granich RM, Strathdee SA, Marshall BDL, Golden MR, Shoptaw S, Schackman BR, Nosyk B, on behalf of the Localized HIV Modeling Study Group.  Building the case for localized approaches to HIV: structural conditions and health system capacity to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in six US cities.  AIDS & Behavior, 22(9), 3071-3082. 2018. Impact Factor 3.02
  11. Elliott, JC, Brincks, AM, Feaster, DJ, Hasin, DS, del Rio, C, Lucas, GM, Rodriguez, AE, Nijhawan, A, & Metsch, LR. Psychosocial factors associated with problem drinking amoung substance users with poorly controlled HIV infection.  Alcohol and Alcoholism, 53(5), 603-610. 2018. Impact Factor 2.72
  12. Singer, RH, Stoutenberg, M, Feaster, DJ, Cai, J, Hlaing, WWM, Metsch, LR, Salazar, CR, Beaver, SM, Finlayson,l TL, Talavera, G, Gellman, MD, Schneiderman, N. The association of periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease risk: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos.  Journal of Periodontology. 89, 840-857. 2018.  Impact Factor 3.39
  13. White, DAE, Giordano, TP, Pasalar, S, Jacobson, KR, Glick, NR, Beverly, ES, Mammen, PE, Hunt, BR, Todorovic, T, Moreno-Walton, L, Adomologa, V, Feaster, DJ, & Branson, BM.  Acute HIV discovered during routine HIV screening with HIV antigen-antibody combination tests in 9 US emergency departments.  Annals of Emergency Medicine, 72(1), 29-40. 2018. Impact Factor 5.35
  14. Shiu-Yee, K, Brinks, AM, Feaster, DJ, Frimpong, JA, Nijhawan, A., Mandler, RN, Schwartz, R, del Rio, C, & Metsch, LR. Patterns of substance use and arrest histories among hospitalized HIV positive drug users: A latent class analysis.  AIDS and Behavior, 22(9), 2757-2765. 2018. Impact Factor 3.02
  15. Lu, M, Sadiq, S, Feaster, DJ & Ishwaran, H. Estimating individual treatment effect in observational data using random forest methods. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 27(1), 209-219.  2018. Available online Impact Factor 2.25
  16. Winhusen, T, Feaster, DJ, Duan R, Brown, JL, Daar, ES, Mandler, R, & Metsch LR. Baseline cigarette smoking status as a predictor of virologic suppression and CD4 cell count during one-year follow-up in substance users with uncontrolled HIV infection. AIDS and Behavior, 22(6) 2016-2032. 2018. Impact Factor 3.02
  17. Traynor, SM, Brincks, AM, & Feaster, DJ. Correlates of unknown HIV status among MSM participating in the 2014 American Men’s Internet Survey (AMIS). AIDS and Behavior, 22, 2113-2126. 2018. available online Impact Factor 3.02
  18. Hernández, D. Castellón, PC, Fernández, Y, Torres-Cardona, FA, Parish C, Gorshein, D,. Vidot, JV, Miranda de Leon, S, Rodriguez, A, Bagur, JS, Feaster, DJ, Schackman, BR, & Metsch, LR. When “the Cure” is the risk: Understanding how substance use affects HIV and HCV in a layered risk environment in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Health Education & Behavior, 44, 748-757. 2017. Impact Factor 2.31
  19. Stitzer, M, Matheson, T, Cunningham, C, Sorensen, JL, Feaster, DJ, Gooden, L, Hammond, AS, Fitzsimons, H, Metsch, LR.  Enhancing patient navigation to improve intervention session attendance and viral load suppression of persons with HIV and substance use: A secondary post-hoc analysis of the Project Hope Study, Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, 12, 16. 2017. Impact Factor 1.35 (from ResearchGate)
  20. Farrelly, CM, Schwartz, SJ, Amodeo, AL, Feaster, DJ, Steinley, DL, Meca, A, & Picariello, S. The analysis of bridging constructs with hierarchical clustering methods: An application to identity.  Journal of Research in Personality, 70, 93-106. 2017. Impact Factor 2.25
  21. Todd JV, Cole SR, Pence, BW, Lesko, CR, Bacchetti, P, Cohen, MH, Feaster, DJ, Gange, S, Griswold, ME, Mack, W, Rubtosova, A, Wang, C, Weedon, J, Anastos, K, Adimora, AA. Effects of antiretroviral therapy and depressive symptoms on all-cause mortality among HIV-infected women. American Journal of Epidemiology, 185, 869-878. 2017. Impact Factor 5.23
  22. Asfour, L, Huang, S, Ocasio, MA, Perrino, T, Schwartz, SJ, Feaster, DJ, Maldonado-Molina, M, Pantin, H, Prado, G. Association between socio-ecological risk factor clustering and mental, emotional, and behavioral problems in Hispanic adolescents. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25, 1266-1273. 2017. Impact Factor 1.02
  23. Leff, JA, Hernandez, D, Teixeira, PA, Castellon, PC, Feaster, DJ, Rodriguez, AE, Santana-Bagur, JL, de Leon, SM, Vidot, JV, Metsch, LR, & Schackman, BR. The structural and health policy environment for delivering integrated HIV and substance use disorder treatments in Puerto Rico.  BMC Health Services Research, 17, 232. 2017. Impact Factor 1.84
  24. Marin-Navarrete, R, Horigian, VE, Medina-Mora, ME, Verdeja. RE, Alonso, E, Feaster, DJ, Fernandez-Mondragon, J, Berlanga, C, Sanchez-Huesca, R, Lima-Rodriguez, C, & De la Fuente-Martin, A.  Motivational enhancement treatment in outpatient addiction centers: A multisite randomized trial.  International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 17, 9-19. 2017. Impact Factor: 2.22
  25. Doblecki-Lewis, S, Liu, A, Feaster, DJ, Cohen, SE, Cardenas, G, Bacon, O, Andrew E., & Kolber, MA.  Healthcare access and PrEP continuation in San Francisco and Miami following the US PrEP Demo Project.  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 74(5), 531-538. 2017. Impact Factor: 4.56
  26. Pan, Y, Liu, H, Metsch, LR & Feaster DJ. Factors associated with HIV testing among participants from substance use disorder treatment programs in the US:  A machine learning approach.  AIDS and Behavior, 21, 534-546. 2017.  Available online Dec. 2016. DOI 10.1007/s10461-016-1628-y Impact Factor 3.20
  27. Feaster, DJ, Parish, CL, Gooden, L, Matheson, T, Castellon, PC, Duan, R, Pan, Y. Haynes, LF, Schackman, BR, Malotte, CK, Mandler, RN, Colfax, GN, & Metsch, LR.  Substance use and STI acquisition: Secondary analysis from the AWARE Study.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 169, 171-179. 2016. PMC5140686 Impact Factor 3.28
  28. Brincks, AM, Enders, CK, Llabre, MM, Bulotsky-Shearer, RJ, Prado, G, Feaster, DJ. Centering predictor variables in three-level contextual models. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 52, 149-163. 2017. Impact Factor: 2.97
  29. Ocasio, MA, Feaster, DJ, & Prado, G.  Substance use and sexual risk in sexual minority Hispanic adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health, 59, 599-601.  2016.  Impact Factor: 3.84
  30. Metsch, LR, Feaster, DJ, Gooden, L, Matheson, T, Stitzer, M, Das, M, Jain, MK, Rodriguez, AE, Armstrong, WS, Lucas, GM, Nijhawan, AE, Drainoni, ML, Herrera, P, Vergara-Rodriguez, P, Jacobson, JM, Mugavero, MJ, Sullivan, M, Daar, ES, McMahon, DK, Ferris, DC, Lindblad, R,  VanVeldhuisen, P, Oden, N, Castellon, PC, Tross, S, Haynes, LF, Douaihy, A, Sorensen, JL, Metzger, DS, Mandler, RN, Colfax, GN, del Rio, C.  Effect of patient navigation with or without financial incentives on viral suppression among hospitalized patients with HIV infection and substance use.  Journal of the American Medical Association, 316 (2), 156-170. 2016. Impact Factor: 37.68
  31. Horgian, VE, Espinal, PS, Alonso, E, Verdeja, RE, Duan, R, Usaga, IM, Perez-Lopez, A, Marin-Navarret, R, & Feaster, DJ. Readiness and barriers to adopt evidence-based practices for substance abuse treatment in Mexico.  Salud Mental, 39, 77-84. 2016.  Impact Factor:  .28
  32. Frimpong, JA, D’Aunno, T, Perlman, DC, Strauss, SM, Mallow, A, Hernandez, D, Schackman, BR, Feaster, DJ, & Metsch LR. On-site bundled rapid HIV/HCV testing in substance use disorder treatment programs:  study protocol for a hybrid design randomized controlled trial.  Trials,17, 117. 2016. Impact Factor: 1.73
  33. Gooden, L, Metsch, LR, Pereyra, MR, Malotte, K, Haynes, LF, Douaihy, A, Chally, J, Mandler, RN, & Feaster, DJ. Examining the efficacy of HIV risk-reduction counseling on the sexual risk behaviors of a national sample of drug abuse treatment clients: Analysis of subgroups.  AIDS and Behavior, 20, 1893-1906. 2016. Impact Factor: 3.20
  34. Pan, Y, Metsch, LR, Wang, W, Wang, KS, Duan, R, Kyle, TL, Gooden, L K, & Feaster, DJ.  Gender differences in HIV sexual risk behaviors among clients of substance use disorder treatment programs in the U.S., Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46, 2017. doi:10.1007/s10508-015-0686-y Impact Factor 2.59
  35. Brown, SC, Lombard, J, Wang, K, Byrne, M, Toro, M, Plater-Zyberk, E, Feaster, DJ, Kardys, J, Nardi, M, Perez-Gomez, G, Pantin, H, & Szapocznik, J. Neighborhood greenness and chronic health conditions in Medicare beneficiaries. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 51, 78-89. 2016. Impact factor 4.53
  36. Mitchell, J. W., Pan, Y. & Feaster, D. Actor-partner effects of male couples substance use with sex and engagement in condomless anal sex. AIDS and Behavior, 20, 2904-2913 2016. DOI 10.1007/s10461-016-1355-4. Impact Factor 3.20
  37. Liu, AY, Cohen, SE, Vittinghoff, E, Anderson, PL, Doblecki-Lewis, S, Bacon, O, Chege, W, Postle, BS, Matheson, T, Amico, KR, Trainor, N, Blue, RW, Estrada, Y, Coleman, ME, Cardenas, C, Feaster, DJ, Grant, R, Philip, SS, Elion, R, Buchbinder, S, & Kolber, MA. HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis integrated with municipal and community based sexual health services. JAMA Internal Medicine, 176, 75-84 2016. PMC5042323 15.04
  38. Van Horn, ML, Feng, Y, Kim, M, Lamont, A, Feaster, DJ, & Jaki, T. Using multilevel regression mixture models to identify level-1 heterogeneity in level-2 effects. Structural Equations Modeling,23, 259-269. 2016. Impact factor: 4.24
  39. Alcaide, ML, Feaster, DJ, Duan, R, Cohen, S, Diaz, C, Castro, JG, Golden, MR, Henn, S, Colfax, GN, & Metsch, LR. The incidence of Trichomonas vaginalis infection in women attending nine sexually transmitted disease clinics in the USA.  Sexually Transmitted Infections, 92, 58-62. 2016. PMC4874593 Impact Factor 3.40

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