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Gilles J Basset
Associate Professor

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:

Berger A, Latimer S, Stutts LR,  Soubeyrand E, Block AK, Colquhoun TA, Basset GJ. (2022) Kaempferol as a precursor for ubiquinone (coenzyme Q) biosynthesis: An atypical node between specialized metabolism and primary metabolism. Curr. Op. Plant Biol. 66, 102165

Latimer S, Keene SA, Stutts LR, Berger A, Bernert AC, Soubeyrand E, Wright J, Clarke CF, Block AK, Colquhoun TA, Elowsky C, Christensen A, Wilson MA, Basset GJ. (2021) A dedicated flavin-dependent monooxygenase catalyzes the hydroxylation of demethoxyubiquinone into ubiquinone (coenzyme Q) in Arabidopsis. J Biol Chem. 297, 101283.

Soubeyrand E, Latimer S, Bernert AC, Keene SA, Johnson TS, Shin D, Block AK, Colquhoun TA, Schäffner AR, Kim J, Basset GJ. (2021) 3-O-glycosylation of kaempferol restricts the supply of the benzenoid precursor of ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q) in Arabidopsis thaliana. Phytochemistry. 

Fernández-Del-Río L, Soubeyrand E, Basset GJ, Clarke CF. (2020) Metabolism of the flavonol kaempferol in kidney cells liberates the B-ring to enter Coenzyme Q biosynthesis. Molecules. 25, 2955. 

Block A, Hunter C, Sattler S, Rering C, McDonald S, Basset GJ, Christensen S. (2020) Fighting on Two Fronts: Elevated Insect Resistance in Flooded Maize. Plant Cell Environ. 43, 223-234. 

Soubeyrand E, Kelly M, Keene SA, Bernert AC, Latimer S, Johnson TS, Elowsky C, Colquhoun TA, Block AK, Basset GJ. (2019) Arabidopsis 4-COUMAROYL-COA LIGASE 8 contributes to the biosynthesis of the benzenoid ring of coenzyme Q in peroxisomes. Biochem J. 476, 3521-3532.

Bernert AC, Jacobs EJ, Reinl SR, Choi CCY, Roberts Buceta PM, Culver JC, Goodspeed CR, Bradley MC, Clarke CF, Basset GJ, Shepherd JN. (2019) Recombinant RquA catalyzes the in vivo conversion of ubiquinone to rhodoquinone in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biochim. Biophys. Acta Mol. Cell Biol. Lipids. 1864, 1226-1234.

Strenkert D, Schmollinger S, Gallaher SD, Salomé PA, Purvine SO, Nicora CD, Mettler-Altmann T, Soubeyrand E, Weber APM, Lipton MS, Basset GJ, Merchant SS. (2019) Multiomics resolution of molecular events during a day in the life of Chlamydomonas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. 116, 2374-2383.

Soubeyrand E, Johnson TS, Latimer S, Block A, Kim J, Colquhoun TA, Butelli E, Martin C, Wilson MA, Basset GJ. (2018) The peroxidative cleavage of kaempferol contributes to the biosynthesis of the benzenoid moiety of ubiquinone in plants. The Plant Cell 30, 2910-2921.

Latimer S, Li Y, Nguyen TTH, Soubeyrand E, Fatihi A, Elowsky CG, Block A, Pichersky E, Basset GJ. (2018) Metabolic reconstructions identify plant 3-methylglutaconyl-CoA hydratase that is crucial for branched-chain amino acid catabolism in mitochondria. The Plant Journal 95, 358-370.

Wittkopp TM, Schmollinger S, Saroussi S, Hu W, Zhang W, Fan Q, Gallaher SD, Leonard MT, Soubeyrand E, Basset GJ, Merchant SS, Grossman AR, Duanmu D, Lagarias JC. (2017) Bilin-Dependent photoacclimation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. The Plant Cell 29, 2711-2726.

 Basset GJ, Latimer S, Fatihi A, Soubeyrand E, Block A (2017) Phylloquinone (vitamin K1): Occurrence, biosynthesis and functions. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 17, 1028-1038 

Strenkert D, Limso CA, Fatihi A, Schmollinger S, Basset GJ, Marchant SS. (2016) Genetically programmed changes in photosynthetic cofactor metabolism in copper-deficient Chlamydomonas. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291, 19118-19131.

Virdi KS, Wamboldt Y, Kundariya H, Laurie JD, Keren I, Kumar KR, Block A, Basset G, Luebker S, Elowsky C, Day PM, Roose JL, Bricker TM, Elthon T, Mackenzie SA (2016) MSH1 Is a plant organellar DNA binding and thylakoid protein under precise spatial regulation to alter development. Molecular Plant 9, 245-260. 

Fatihi A, Latimer S, Schmollinger S, Block A, Dussault PH, Vermaas WF, Merchant SS, Basset GJ (2015) A dedicated type II NADPH dehydrogenase performs the penultimate step in the biosynthesis of vitamin K1 in Synechocystis and Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 27, 1730-1741.

Basset G (2015) A systems biology approach to detect the hidden reactions of terpenoid quinone metabolism. FASEB Journal 29, 103.3.

Block A, Widhalm JR, Fatihi A, Cahoon RE, Wamboldt Y, Elowsky C, Mackenzie SA, Cahoon EB, Chapple C, Dudareva N, Basset GJ (2014) The origin and biosynthesis of the benzenoid moiety of ubiquinone (coenzyme Q) in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 26, 1938-1948

Block A, Fristedt R, Rogers S, KumarJ, Barnes B, Barnes J, Elowsky CG, Wamboldt Y, Mackenzie SA, Redding K, Merchant SS, Basset GJ (2013) Functional modeling identifies paralogous solanesyl diphosphate synthases that assemble the side chain of plastoquinone-9 in plastids. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 27594-27606

Furt F, Allen WJ, Widhalm JR, Madzelan P, Rizzo RC, Basset GJ, Wilson MA (2013) Functional convergence of structurally distinct thioesterases from cyanobacteria and plants involved in phylloquinone biosynthesis. Acta Crystallographica D 69,1876-1888

Fitzpatrick TB, Basset GJ, Borel P, Carrari F, DellaPenna D, Fraser PD, Hellman H, Osorio-Algar S, Rothan C, Valpuesta V, Caris-Veyrat C, Fernie AR (2012) Vitamin deficiency: Can plant science help? The Plant Cell 24, 395-414

Widhalm JR, Ducluzeau AL, Buller NE, Elowsky CG, Olsen LJ, Basset GJC (2012) Phylloquinone (vitamin K1) biosynthesis in plants: two peroxisomal thioesterases of Lactobacillales origin hydrolyze 1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoyl-CoA. The Plant Journal 71, 205-215

Fitzpatrick TB, Basset GJ, Borel P,  Carrari F, DellaPenna D, Fraser PD, Hellman H, Osorio-Algar S, Rothan C, Valpuesta V, Caris-Veyrat C, Fernie AR (2012) Vitamin deficiency: Can plant science help? The Plant Cell 24, 395-414

Ducluzeau AL, Wamboldt Y, Elowsky CG, Mackenzie SA, Schuurink RC, Basset GJ (2012) Gene network reconstruction identifies the authentic trans-prenyl diphosphate synthase that makes the solanesyl moiety of ubiquinone-9 in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 69, 366-375

Van Oostende C, Widhalm JR, Furt F, Ducluzeau AL, Basset GJ (2011) Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone): function, enzymes and genes.Advances in Botanical Research 59, 229-261

Xu YZ, Arrieta-Montiel MP, Wamboldt YJ, Virdi K,  de Paula WBM, Widhalm JR, Basset GJ, Davila JI, Elthon TE, Elowsky CG, Sato SJ, Clemente TE, Mackenzie SA. (2011) MSH1 is a multi-functional protein in plants that alters mitochondrial and plastid properties and response to high light. The Plant Cell 23, 3428-3441

Boulila-Zoghlami L, Gallusci P, Holzer FM, Basset GJ, Djebali W, Chaïbi W, Walling LL, Brouquisse R. (2011) Up-regulation of leucine aminopeptidase-A in cadmium-treated tomato roots. Planta 234, 857-863

Furt F, van Oostende C, Widhalm JR, Dale MA, Wertz J, Basset GJ (2010) A bimodular oxidoreductase mediates the specific reduction of phylloquinone (vitamin K1) in chloroplasts. The Plant Journal 64, 38-46

Widhalm JR, van Oostende C, Furt F, Basset GJ (2009) A dedicated thioesterase of the Hotdog-fold family is required for the biosynthesis of the naphthoquinone ring of vitamin K1Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 106, 5599-5603

Van Oostende C, Widhalm JR, Basset GJ (2008) Detection and quantification of vitamin K1 quinol in leaf tissues. Phytochemistry 69, 2457-2462

Kim HU, van Oostende C, Basset GJ, Browse J (2008) The AAE14 gene encodes the Arabidopsis o-succinylbenzoyl-CoA ligase that is essential for phylloquinone synthesis and photosystem I function. The Plant Journal 54, 272-283

Bozzo GG, Basset GJ, Naponelli V, Noiriel A, Gregory JF 3rd, Hanson AD (2008) Characterization of the folate salvage enzyme p-aminobenzoylglutamate hydrolase in plants. Phytochemistry 69, 29-37.

Orsomando G, Bozzo GG, Díaz de la Garza R, Basset GJC, Quinlivan EP, Naponelli V, Rébeillé F, Ravanel S, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2006) Evidence for folate salvage reactions in plants. The Plant Journal 46, 426-435

Sahr T, Ravanel S, Basset G, Nichols BP, Hanson AD, Rébeillé F (2006) Folate synthesis in plants: purification, kinetic properties, and inhibition of aminodeoxychorismate synthase. The Biochemical Journal 396, 157-162

Klaus MJS, Kunji ERS, Bozzo GG, Noiriel A, Díaz de la Garza R, Basset GJC, Ravanel S, Rébeillé F, Gregory III JF, Hanson,AD (2005). Higher plant plastids and cyanobacteria have folate carriers related to those of trypanosomatids. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280, 38457-38463

Basset GJC, Quinlivan EP, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD. (2005). Folate synthesis and metabolism in plants, and prospects for biofortification. Crop Science 45, 449-453

Basset GJC, Ravanel S, Quinlivan EP, White R, Giovannoni JJ, Rébeillé F, Nichols BP, Shinozaki K, Seki M, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2004). Folate Synthesis in Plants: The Last Step of the p-Aminobenzoate Branch is Catalyzed by a Plastidial Aminodeoxychorismate Lyase. The Plant Journal 40, 453-461

Díaz de la Garza R, Quinlivan EP, Klaus MJS, Basset GJC, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2004). Folate Biofortification in Tomatoes by Engineering the Pteridine Branch of Folates Synthesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 101, 13720-13725

Basset GJC, Quinlivan EP, Ravanel S, Rébeillé F, Nichols BP, Shinozaki K, Seki M, Adams-Philips LC, Giovannoni JJ, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2004). Folate synthesis in plants: The p-aminobenzoate branch is initiated by a bifunctional PabA-PabB protein that is targeted to plastids. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 101, 1496-1501

Quinlivan EP, Roje S, Basset G, Shachar-Hill Y, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2003) The folate precursor p-aminobenzoate is reversibly converted to its glucose ester in the plant cytosol. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278, 20731-20737

Basset G, Quinlivan EP, Ziemak MJ, Díaz de la Garza R, Fischer M,  Schiffmann S, Bacher A, Gregory III JF, Hanson AD (2002) Folate synthesis in plants: The first step of the pterin branch is mediated by a unique bimodular GTP cyclohydrolase I. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 99, 12489-12494

Rontein D, Basset G*, Hanson AD (2002) Metabolic engineering of osmoprotectant accumulation in plants. Metabolic Engineering. 4, 49-56. (* co-first author).

Basset G, Malek L, Brouquisse R, Raymond P (2002) Changes in the expression and the enzymic properties of the 20S proteasome in sugar-starved maize roots. Evidences for an in vivo oxidation of the proteasome. Plant Physiology. 128, 1149–1162

Rontein D, Nishida I, Tashiro G, Yoshioka K, Wu WI, Voelker DR, Basset G, Hanson AD (2001) Plants synthesize ethanolamine by direct decarboxylation of serine using a pyridoxal phosphate enzyme. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276, 35523-35529

Leroy C, Basset G, Gruel G, Ripoche P, Trinh-Trang-Tan, MM, Rousselet G (2000) Hyperosmotic NaCl and urea synergistically regulate the expression of the UT-A2 transporter in vitro and in vivoBiochemical Biophysical Research Communications 271, 368-373


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