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Ivette Cejas

University of Miami



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Recent Publications:

Sanchez, C., Cejas, I., & Agrawal, S. (in press) Comparison of Parent Perception and Datalogging in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users. The Hearing Journal

Cejas, I. Evidence-based Practices to Improve Parent-Child Interactions & Communication. AEDA 2019 Conference Program Book.

Cejas, I. & Quittner, A.L. PEARLS: An Intervention to Improve Parent-child Interactions and Communication. The Impact of Hearing Loss on Childhood Development and Family Constellation 2019 Research Forum. 9-14, 2019

Cejas, I., Sarangoulis, C.M., Mestres, A., Nelson, J.A., & Quittner, A.L. (in press). Assessment and Intervention of Children who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges. In C. Guardino & J. Cannon (Eds.). Deafness & Diversity Vol. 1: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students with Disabilities. Washington, D.C: Gallaudet University Press.

Francis, H.W., Zdanksi, C., Cejas, I., &  Eisenberg, L. (in press). Pediatric Cochlear Implantation. In  P. Flint, B. Haughey, V. Lund, K. Robbins, J. Thomas, M. Lesperance, & H. Francis (Eds.).  Cummings Otolaryngology (7th ed.). Atlanta, GA: Elsevier.

Morgenstein, K. & Cejas, I. (2019). Fostering Family Engagement in Audiology Care. The Hearing Journal, 72(3), 22-24.

Hoffman, M.F., Cejas, I,. & Quittner, A.L. (2019). Health-Related Quality of Life Instruments for Children with Cochlear Implants: Development of Child and Parent-Proxy Measures. Ear and Hearing, 40, 592-604. doi: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000000631

Cejas, I., Quittner, A.L. (2018). Effects of Family Variables on Spoken Language in Children with Cochlear Implants. In H. Knoors , M. Marschark (Eds). Evidence-Based Practices in Deaf Education (pp. 111-128). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Cejas, I., Hoffman, M.F., Mitchell, C., & Quittner, A.L. (2018). Comparisons of IQ in Children with and without Cochlear Implants: Longitudinal Findings and Associations with Language. Ear and Hearing. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000000578

Quittner, A.L., Cejas, I.., Wang, N., & Barker, D.H. (2016). Symbolic Play and Novel Noun Learning in Deaf and Hearing Children:  Longitudinal Effects of Access to Sound on Early Precursors of Language, PLoS One, 11(5), 1-19.

Quittner, A.L., Cejas, I., Barnard, J., & Niparko, J.K. (2016). Benefits of Cochlear Implantation on the Whole Child: Longitudinal Changes in Cognition, Behavior, Parenting and Health-Related Quality of Life. In N. Young and K. Iler Kirk,  Pediatric Cochlear Implantation: Learning and the Brain. New York: Springer-Verlag.

Hoffman, M.F., Cejas, I., & Quittner, A.L. (2016). Comparisons of longitudinal trajectories of social competence: Parent ratings of children with cochlear implants versus hearing peers. Otology & Neurotology, 37, 153-159.

Weinstein, A., Jent, J.F., Cejas, I., & De la Asuncion, M. (2015). Improving behavior using child-directed interaction skills: A case study determining cochlear implant candidacy.  Cochlear Implants International, 16, 285-289.

Eshraghi, A.A., Nazarian, R., Telischi, F.F., Martinez, D., Hodges, A., Velandia, S., Cejas, I., Balkany, T.J., Lo, K., Lang, D. (2015). Cochlear implantation in children with autism spectrum disorder. Otology & Neurotology,36, e121-e128.

Cejas, I., Hoffman, M.F., & Quittner, A.L. (2015). Outcomes and Benefits of Pediatric Cochlear Implants in Children with Additional Disabilities: A review and report of family influences on outcomes. Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics, 6, 45-63.

Hoffman, M.F., Quittner, A.L., & Cejas, I. (2015). Comparisons of social competence in young deaf and hearing children: A dynamic systems framework. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 20, 115-124.

Quittner, A.L., Cejas, I., Barker, D., & Hoffman, M. (2014). Effects of cochlear implants on young, deaf children’s development: Longitudinal analysis of behavioral regulation, attention and parenting in a national sample. In Cochlear implants: Technological advances, psychological/social impacts and long-term effectiveness (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp. 17-28). Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science.

Cejas, I. Quittner, A.L., Barker, D.H., & Niparko, J. (2014). Development of Joint Engagement in Young Deaf and Hearing Children: Effects of Chronological Age and Language Skills. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research,57, 1831-1841.

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Cruz, I., Quittner, A.L., DesJardin, J., Marker, C., & CDaCI Investigative team. (2013). Identification of effective strategies to promote oral language in deaf children with cochlear implants. Child Development, 84, 543-559.

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Quittner, A.L., Barker, D.H., Cruz, I., Snell, C., Grimley, M.E., Botteri, M., & CDaCI Investigative Team (2010). Parenting stress among parents of deaf and hearing children: Associations with language delays and behavior problems.  Parenting: Science and Practice, 10, 136-155.

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