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Lauri Wright

University of North Florida



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Center for Nutrition and Food Security
University: University of North Florida
Director: Dr. Lauri Wright
Address: University of North Floirda
Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
Brooks College of Health
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Type: University Institute or Center

The Center’s mission is to bring individuals and organizations together in a coordinated and sustained effort that finds solutions and eliminates

The goals of the CNFS are:

  1. provide transformational learning opportunities for students on food security and health;
  2. foster internal and external linkages among faculty and professionals engaged in addressing food access, food security, and nutritional health;
  3. assist in developing applied teaching and research on food security and nutritional health;
  4. acquire support for food access and nutritional health education and research;
  5. and serve as a liaison to external organizations on food security and nutritional health.

barriers in order to improve food access and nutritional health in the local and global community.

Research Descriptors: Nutrition Education

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