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Laura H Greene

Florida State University


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Dr. Laura Greene discusses education and engagement
Duration: (4:35)
Year: 2015
Keyword: Education, public engagement, Science
Laura Greene discusses the importance of the public engagement of science -- both for helping our young people want to become educated and having our society understand its value to society.

Life After the Uprates
Duration: (5:48)
Year: 2011
Keyword: High-temperature superconductors
Discussions of the "new" iron-based high-temperature superconductors. Also what makes a "useful" superconductor -- not just high temperature, but also high critical current and manufacturability. How we have to work together to discover new and better superconductors for the beauty of the fundamental science and the practical applications; in including energy applications.

Interview after Fred Kavli Symposium Presentation
Duration: (7:50)
Year: 2014
Keyword: Superconductivity, Many Body Problem, Public Engagement of Science, Science policy
Interview for the American Physical Society after presenting the 2014 Fred Kavli Lecture on Superconductivity. How these problems are addressed, public engagement of science, and in general, how this scientist approaches problems though scientific method are discussed

APS Physics Central Interview
Duration: (5:16)
Year: 2008
Keyword: Physics, Women in Phyics, Philosophy of doing physics, Passion for physics, Educaion
Interview by the American Physical Society

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