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Haywood D Laughinghouse
Assistant Professor

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:


51. HISTER, CAL; BOLIGON, AA; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Tedesco, SB. 2017.  Determination of phenolic compounds and assessment of the genotoxic and proliferative potential of Psidium cattleianum Sabin (Myrtaceae) fruits. Caryologia. Accepted

50. KANGAS, PC; MULBRY, W; KLAVON, P; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; ADEY, WH. 2017. High diversity within the periphyton community of an algal turf scrubber on the Susquehanna River. Ecol Eng. XXXX.

49. Wilmotte, A; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Capelli, C; Rippka, R; SAlmaso, N. 2017. Taxonomic identification of Cyanobacteria by a polyphasic approach. In: Kurmayer, r; Sivonen, K; Wilmotte, A; Salmaso, N. A Handbook on Molecular Tools for the Detection and Quantification of Toxigenic Cyanobacteria. Wiley ISBN: 978-1-118-33210-7, 79-119 p.

48. Coelho, APD; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; KUHN AW; Boligon, AA; Athayde, ML; Canto-Dorow, TS; Silva, ACF; Tedesco, SB. 2017. Genotoxic and Antiproliferative potential of extracts of Echinodorus grandiflorus and Sagittaria montevidensis (Alismataceae). Caryologia 70(1): 82-91.


47. Rodrigues, LGF; FRESCURA, VDS; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Pastori, T; Dalla Nora, G; Perez, NB; Lopes, SJ; Canto-Dorow, TS; Tedesco, SB. 2016. Allelopathic effect of gorse and myo-myo on the germination of lovegrass. Int. J. Curr. Res. 8 (11): 42112-42114.

46. JENSEN, L; GRANT, J; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Katz, LA. 2016. Assessing the effects of a sequestered germline on interdomain lateral gene transfer into Metazoa. Evolution. 70: 1322-1333.

45. LAVÍN, P; Atala, C; Gallardo-Cerda, J; GonzÁlez-Aravena, M; Iglesia, R; Oses, R; Torres-DÍaz, C; Trefault, N; Molina-Montenegro, M; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD.  2016. Isolation and characterization of an Antarctic Flavobacterium strain with agarase and alginate lyase activities. Pol Polar Res. 37(3): 403-419.

  1. PESSI, IS; MAALOUF, PC; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Baurain, D; WILMOTTE, A. 2016. On the use of high-throughput sequencing for the study of cyanobacterial diversity in Antarctic aquatic mats. J. Phycol. 52: 356-368.


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  1. KUHN AW; Tedesco, M; Boligon, AA; Athayde, ML; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Tedesco, SB. 2015. Chromatographic analysis and antiproliferative potential of aqueous extracts of Punica granatum fruit peels using the Allium cepa test. Braz J Pharm Sci 51(1): 241-248.
  1. KUHN AW; Tedesco, M; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Silva, CB; CANTO-DOROW, TS; Tedesco, SB. 2015.  Mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of Eugenia uniflora L. by the Allium cepa L. test. Caryologia.  68(1): 25-30.
  1. LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; MILLER, K; adey, wh; LARA, Y; Johnson, G; Young, R. 2015.  Evolution of the northern rockweed Fucus distichus in a regime of glacial cycling: implications for benthic algal phylogenetics.  PLoS One 10(12): e0143795.
  1. LUZ, LV; Silva, ACF; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Tedesco, SB; Coelho, APD. 2015. Cytogenetic characterization of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae) accessions from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Caryologia 68(2): 132-137.
  1. Malone, CF; Rigonato, J; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Schmith, E; Bouzon, ZL; Wilmotte, A; Fiore, MF; Sant’Anna, CL. 2015. Cephalothrix gen. nov. (Cyanobacteria): towards an intraspecific phylogenetic evaluation by multi-locus analyses. Int J System Evol Microbiol. 65: 2993-3007.
  1. Tedesco, M; KUHN AW; Boligon, AA; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Athayde, ML; Silva, ACF; Tedesco, SB. 2015. Chromatographic analysis, antiproliferative effect and genotoxicity of aqueous extracts of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck on the Allium cepa L. test system. Biosci J 31(4): 1213-1221.


36.     Dalla Nora, G; Tedesco, SB; Pastori, T; FRESCURA, VDS; Ribeiro, ND; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Lopes, SJ; Schifino-WittmanN, MT. 2014. Meiotic behavior and pollen viability in bean cultivars. Biocell 38(1-3): 33-38.

  1. GAMA Jr, WA; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; SANT’ANNA, CL. 2014. How diverse are coccoid cyanobacteria?  A case study of terrestrial habitats from the Atlantic Rainforest (São Paulo, Brazil). Phytotaxa 178(2): 61-97.
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  1. Sandefur, HN; Johnston, RZ; Matlock, MD; Costello, TA; Adey, WH; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD. 2014. Hydrodynamic regime considerations for the cultivation of periphytic biofilms in two tertiary treatment systems. Ecol Eng 71: 527-532.


  1. adey, wh; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; MILLER, JB; HAYEK, L-AC; Thompson, JG; Bertman, S; Hampel, K; Puvanendran, S. 2013. Algal Turf Scrubber floways on the Great Wicomico River, a mesohaline inlet on the Chesapeake Bay: productivity, algal community structure, substrate and chemistry. J. Phycol. 49: 489-501.
  1. FRESCURA, VDS; KUHN AW; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; NICOLOSO, FT; Lopes, S; Tedesco, SB. 2013. Evaluation of the allelopathic, genotoxic, and antiproliferative effects of the medicinal species Psychotria umbellata and Psychotria birotula (Rubiaceae) on the germination of Eruca sativa (Brassiaceae). Caryologia 66(2): 138-144.
  1. FRESCURA, VD-S; KUHN AW; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Paranhos, JT; Tedesco, SB. 2013. Post-treatment with plant extracts used in Brazilian folk medicine caused a partial reversal of the antiproliferative effect of glyphosate in the Allium cepa test. Biocell 37(2): 23-28.


  1. Coelho, APD; Morais, K; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; GIACOMINI, SJ; Tedesco, SB. 2012. Pollen grain viability in accessions of Crotalaria juncea L. (Fabaceae).  Agrociencia 46(5): 481-487.
  1. FRESCURA, VDS; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Tedesco, SB. 2012. Antiproliferative effect of the arboreal and medicinal species Luehea divaricata on the Allium cepa cell cycle.  Caryologia 65(1): 27-33.
  1. FRESCURA, VDS; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Canto-Dorow, TS; Tedesco, SB. 2012.  Pollen viability of Polygala paniculata L. (Polygalaceae) using different methods of staining.  Biocell 36(3): 143-145.
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  1. PICCINI, F; FRESCURA, VDS; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; PEREZ, NB; MACHADO, OB; Tedesco, SB. 2012. Pollen viability of genotypes of Eragrostis plana from different geographic populations in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  Enciclopédia Biosfera 8(15): 1316-1324.
  1. SHERWOOD, AR; NECCHI JR, O; CARLILE, AL; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Fredericq, S; SHEATH, RG. 2012. Characterization of a novel freshwater gigartinalean red alga from Belize, with description of Sterrocladia belizeana sp. nov. Phycologia 51(6): 627-635.
  1. WANG, H; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Anderson, MA; chen, f; Willians, E; Place, AR; Zmora, O; Zohar, Y; zheng, t; hill, rt.  2012.  Novel Bacterial Isolate from Permian Groundwater, Capable of Aggregating Potential Biofuel-Producing Microalga Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1.  Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 78(5): 1445-1453.
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  1. DALLA Nora, G; Pastori, T; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD; Canto-Dorow, TS; Tedesco, SB.  2010.  Antiproliferative and genotoxic effects of Mikania glomerata (Asteraceae).  Biocell 34(3): 95-101.
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  1. KÖche, A; Rieger, A; Geller, FC; LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD. 2006.  Epidemiological, behavioral, and genetic aspects of alcoholism in a sample from the population of the Rio Pardo Valley, RS [In Portuguese].  Caderno de Pesquisa, Série Biologia 18(2): 151-165.

Books/Book Chapters

  1. LAUGHINGHOUSE IV, HD. 2012. Bioindicator of Genotoxicity: the Allium cepa test. In: SRIVASTAVA, J.K.  Environmental Contamination.  Rijeka: InTech Publisher. pp. 137-156. ISBN: 978-953-51-0120-8. **15,966 downloads as of 4 July 2017.

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