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Ionic CoCrystal of Lithium

Researchers at the University of South Florida have de-signed, synthesized and characterized a new iconic cocrystal of lithium (LISPRO) that improves the efficacy of neuropsychiatric disorder treatments. Lithium salts have long been a popular treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders, but have been plagued by poor bioavailability and adverse effects. LISPRO exhibits improved pharmacokinetics and bioavailability compared to the currently FDA approved lithium drugs on the market. Importantly, LISPRO exhibits improved brain bioavailability, without demon-strating an initial spike in lithium concentration that is associated with negative side effects of treatment.

Our researchers were the first to report the crystal structure of LISPRO, an ionic cocrystal of lithium with an organic anion, salicylic acid and I-proline. In addition to benefits in lithium delivery, the inclusion of salicylic acid in the cocrystal may afford additional ben-efi ts in treati ng infl ammati on that is prevalent in many neuropsy-chiatric disorders.

In the most current effort, our researchers have established the therapeutic benefits of LISPRO in treating Fragile X syndrome, the most common known cause of inherited intellectual disability. LISPRO has demonstrated a reduction in GSK activity which is

common in many neuropsychiatric disorders, including Fragile X.

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